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WEEK 16 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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  • WEEK 16 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

    For the very bored, insomniacs, those that need mental health care, or people that have finished binge-watching Maude, here are some takes on the Week 16 list of games. I think everyone that ever has looked at this thread is out, and drinking eggnog and JD by the gallon, or just here for the Liz Pics like Compass Joe!

    The million dollar pool that some of us were in is now down to 10-people. They had to pick two-teams in the same week two-weeks ago the way runs the pool, and wants to see a winner, and they were back to picking one-team last week. The number of teams you pick in the final weeks is based on how many players are left. I’m pretty sure they are back to picking one team this week. I’d be going for a split!!!!

    Adam #1 is down to 6-players and they haven’t split yet.
    Adam #2 is down to 4-people and they all took 4K going into Week 16.

    Here’s my incredibly lazy look at the games this week that are worth playing or not playing…

    Oh yeah, the Liz pick won with MINN! IFFFF I had been using those picks in POW, I'd probably be in the playoffs trying to take King Volo down!


    WASH @ TENN…TENN ain’t any great shakes, but WASH is bringing Theisman back to help them out! Peterman would haven, but drunk Gruden got to him first! TENN is better, and will win.

    BUFF @ NE…BUFF will want to beat the big brother, but I just don’t see NE staying on the mini-slide they’ve been on, and get a win at home.

    NYG @ INDY…INDY has it going on, and is a team not many want meet in the playoffs. NYG will play hard, but INDY seems set to get a shot at the playoffs with two wins.

    LAR @ ARI…I hope LAR beats up ARI big time as my Seachickens will be playing them for a playoff spot in Week 17. LAR has laid some eggs lately, but ARI not the caliber of CHI and PHILLY.


    TB @ DAL…I think DAL will bounce back this week, but TB is just spunky enough to want to give the boys another loss and screwup their playoff hopes.

    ATL @ CAR…Cam is out I think, so ATL has a decent shot…Not sure of the weather forecast, but Julio Jones should be playing.

    MINN @ DET…MINN is playing for their playoff lives, but DET will want to derail them if they can.

    CINN @ CLEVE…Dalton is out, CLEVE is getting some wins an still playing hard…I will give the edge to CLEVE.

    CHI @ SF…SF might be still in the glow of their win over SEA after losing 10 in-a-row to them. CHI D is better than SEA D was, and CHI will be on grass that they are used to, and it a stadium where there might be more CHI fans than SF fans.


    BALT @ LAC…LAC off big win vs. KC. BALT playing good, and has a very good D that KC didn’t have. Should be close.

    JAX @ MIA…I give the nod to MIA, but JAX isn’t going to roll all the way over IMHO.

    HOU @ PHILLY…PHILLY still in the hunt for a WC, so will be playing hard off the LAR win. HOU is beatable, and on the road in a tough environment might have more than they can handle vs the Nolesanator!

    GB @ NYJ…Does anyone really care?

    PITT @ NO…NO has been less than stellar, and PITT will find a way to play this one close. RB Conner is a ??? for PITT.

    KC @ SEA…I’d love to see SEA find a way to win, but Mahomes will have his way with SEA pass D. IFFFF SEA can sustain long drives with running the ball, which KC doesn’t defend well, and get a few turnovers, they have a chance, but not a great chance IMHO…Every time I count the chickens out, they surprise me…Plus they lover playing the primetime games!

    DEN @ OAK…Maybe Peterman will get in the game for OAK, and win it! LOL!

    That’s it boys…Win some bets, and get on Volo’s 877 betting hotline as he is under surveillance to figure out how he’s winning so much money this season!
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    Well too early for Lizzzzz
    Well lost my roll over on the Jags. I know Bortles was bad but Kessler is HORRIBLE. Johnson looked like Mahones compared to Kessler. I did however make a saver bet in game on the Redskins, trailing 10-6 at+300. But we’ll put it to bed TIL next year. Gotta like Miami this week.

    For those still left at wk16 congratulations and here’s my thought on some of the other favourites

    I like Tennessee over Washington, Cleveland over Cinci but something’s wrong in NE, in NO and with LAR. I’m not saying they’ll lose but none are playing up to expectations and could easily be upset.

    Dallas can be beat on any given Sunday, so I’d go with Indy over the Giants. Luck vs Eli contest.

    Carolina is in a tough situation off a deflating loss to NO and Cam is really playing bad.So ATL is worth looking at .

    GRBay ? Rodgers is a real competitor, but even he will probably find it hard to get up for the Jets after a big disappointment and frustration in Chicago. If he doesn’t play: stay away for sure.

    I think Chi and LAC are playing the best right now.

    In general , in game variance I.e. penalties, missed calls, .wrong calls, turn overs galore, ball placement on 3rd and 4 th and inches, dropped balls. time management errors ,recovering on side kicks, etc makes it virtually impossible to predict the outcome of so many football games. You can’t play on statistics alone, you have to find situations where there is value in the line, due either to the line being wrong or the situation dictates when teams will under/ over perform.

    This week I think Carolina is in a bad situation, but so does everyone else as ATl is favoured. If Cam sits maybe they play better

    Cleveland is home with Hue in the house. I’m sure they want to start 28-0 again so giving 8 is OK.

    Although I do like CHI going forward , they could be in a real let down situation as they beat GRBY ending a long losing streak and clinched NFC NORTH. They can still dream of the #2 seed but really, LA plays ArZ and SF! If they are not dreaming they could be mailing!. SF ml bet

    MNF .This is Raiders last home game in Oakland and Xmas eve to boot. Every biker gangster will be there. Denver has zilch to play for, certainly not for Josephs job.
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    "A missed FG is a turnover " Michael Lombardi
    “The bigger the edge, the fewer the bets we need to verify our strategy.” Jim Makos


    • Seahawk Rick
      Seahawk Rick commented
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      Good stuff Barry...I do think DEN gives OAK a game though and last game at the landfill won't mean that much to OAK. Division games can be weird as we know.

      I agree with you LAC is HOT and KC isn't far behind. NO will be tough at home in playoffs.

      Merry Christmas!

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    Thanks as usual Rick- and Happy Christmas to you
    Also to you Barry-- do they celebrate Christmas in Canada?

    Thanks for the effort all season and Best of luck and health in the new year!!

    And the Pics Thanks for those too- Rick maybe Santa can bring you ……...


    • Seahawk Rick
      Seahawk Rick commented
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      Have a great holiday yourself Sir Compass!

      Yes, Lizzy under the tree would be a present to behold....And hold....And hold...

    • Barryt
      Barryt commented
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      Yes we celrate Xmas in Canada and we are thankful for it. We also have Txgiving 6 weeks before the US gets around to giving thanx— thanx for football and VFV that is!

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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all reading this.Rick I do not care what everybody says,this is a very informative site.Mr B,decided to pass on the Bowls but notice you are on fire.My Dogs this week,Washington,Baltimore and Seattle.


    • Seahawk Rick
      Seahawk Rick commented
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      Mr. B passed on bowls?

      Watch out for SEA game with a really dinged up secondary. KC D sucks, and can be scored on, but the game needs to be in the 20's for SEA to have a chance. Not a must win for SEA as being healthy for ARI is key as that becomes their first playoff game.

      Have a GREAT holiday!!!!

    • Mrvolo
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      I was saying I passed on Bowls.Mr B is on fire.

    • Seahawk Rick
      Seahawk Rick commented
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      Got it! Win POW!

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    The same three teams are picked by both groups. For all of you 'mapper's out there, I don't think you had CLEVE on your short list for Week 16...Probably not TENN either, but here we are...Over $200,000 on the line, and you are on CLEV...My stomach acid would burn through to the core of the earth on Sunday watching them, or whomever else you were on! NO LOCKS in the NFL!
    ADAM 1 ADAM 2
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      The Fantasy Survivor Liz Hurley Pick of the Week issssssssssssssssss...

      LAR...A division game yes...LAR not playing at elite level latey yes...BUT, they aren't playing a team with a good defense so should get their offense back in gear and take down the desert birds.

      MINN handled MIA last week, but let them get close for a little bit...LIZZY likes Vikings, that's why I ordered my gold hat and horns off Amazon today!!!

      I'm just pretending that I could buy back in after Week 3! And now, Week 9 & 11 & 14! LOL --- I think it's a good exercise to prove to yourself that there are teams that never thought you'd pick at the beginning of your pool, that look attractive at the end of the season.

      Week 1: BALT --- -(W)
      Week 2: SF --------(W)
      Week 3: HOU------(L)
      Week 4: LAC ------(W)
      Week 5: CAR ------(W)
      Week 6: ATL-------(W)
      Week 7: KC --------(W)
      Week 8: CHI -------(W)
      Week 9: DAL-------(L)
      Week 10: GB-------(W)
      Week 11: ARI-------(L)
      Week 12: INDY-----(W)
      Week 13: SEA------(W)
      Week 14: BUFF----(L)
      Week 15: MINN----(W)
      Week 16: LAR


      Click image for larger version

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        The TENN pickers must have been crapping bricks or were so tight late in the 4th quarter that they could crack walnuts with their buttcheeks!


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          Pete Carroll did great job this year and Seattle is not a throw out in playoffs.


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            They lost 6-pro bowlers and still found a way to get it done with a lot if young guys on D....Best coaching job of Carroll's career with all the coaching changes too. Nobody had them getting to 10 wins which can still happen.

            The road is tough but it's been done before...ANYTHING can happen...Just fun to be in the dance.


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              GIANTS did it in 2007? Beating 18-0 NE as 5 or 6 seed, why not the SEAHAWKS.
              "A missed FG is a turnover " Michael Lombardi
              “The bigger the edge, the fewer the bets we need to verify our strategy.” Jim Makos


              • Seahawk Rick
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                They believe they can do anything, and they don't have any pressure on them to do anything, so a loose team, can be a dangerous team. We'll see. Like I've said, we are probably heading for Dallas, and I like our chances there, after that, it's just a matter of playing clean games, and getting a break here and there. I don't have the feeling about this team as I did in their recent Super Bowl years, but they do remind me a lot of the team the year before their 1st Super Bowl when they got close, but just a step away from being elite. The NFC isn't strong, but NO is gonna be tough in the dome. The main thing is there's a chance!!

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              Barry was joking Merry Christmas to you and all our neighbors north!!

              Rick is that you behind her smiling?

              Good luck week 17!


              • Seahawk Rick
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                Barry was joking Merry Christmas to you and all our neighbors north?? What did I miss...I don't get it?

                Yes, that's me in the Llama costume....She likes to pet animals, so that's how I will get her hands on me!!!!

                There is a Week 17 thread open....I will try to post a little something-something...

              • Barryt
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                Hi compass
                I knew it was a joke but I tried to turn it around also with humour but guess I missed the mark.
                All I wanted for Christmas was a new QB for GIANTS..but looks like it won’t happen
                Those Available Flacco,or Mullens