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2018 NFL P.O.W. (Play Of the Week) Contest: Week 17 (Dec 30) Post Plays Here

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  • 2018 NFL P.O.W. (Play Of the Week) Contest: Week 17 (Dec 30) Post Plays Here

    This is the thread for the 2018 VFV NFL P.O.W. contest. The following are the rules for this year (the same as in the past):

    1. All contestants must be a member in good standing with VFV
    2. Players make one (1) single play ATS each week during the NFL regular season
    3. A correct play results in one (1) point being awarded. A "push" or tie, results in a half point (1/2) being awarded
    4. An Incorrect play results in zero (0) points being awarded
    5. All lines MUST be taken from the following website each week:
    6. All lines must be -110 or less (must be posted on above buying 1/2 point)
    7. Only Vegas Sports Books listed on the VI website will be allowed
    8. The following Books will NOT be allowed: VI Consensus, BetOnline, PepperMill, Atlantis Reno
    9. The following selections are allowed: Full Game Side, Full Game Total, First Half Side, First Half Total (NO MONEYLINES ALLOWED)
    10. Plays MUST be submitted each week by kickoff of last scheduled game.
    11. Plays must be in the following format (or close to it):

    2018 NFL P.O.W. (0-0-0 (post your current record here))

    Atlanta Falcons +3 (Golden Nugget)
    (This is where you will post your reasoning for this selection. It doesn't have to be a book or even a full paragraph, but more than just "I think the Falcons are better.")

    12. Myself, Seahawk Rick (the artist formerly known as Cybergolf) or any other I deem so, will have final ruling on if a play is valid (ie: Wrong line, Wrong Book, Not enough reasoning given, etc)
    13. The first couple of weeks I will give the benefit of the doubt to any newcomers on here...veterans, you know the rules, LMEAO
    14. To qualify for the playoff round of this competition, players must have a total of 10 points by the end of the regular season (week 17)...important note: your points will be the number of Units you start with in the playoff portion of the contest that runs through the Super Bowl)
    15. Prizes to be determined by DaveTuley....we've had fellow posters offer up prizes in the past, so please let me know if anyone has anything to offer or ideas for yours truly (yes, this is an edit by DaveTuley I'd like to have a prize for the person earning the most points during the regular season...and then the overall champ after the Super Bowl (and perhaps a runner-up prize).
    16. NO EDITING!!!

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask and best of luck this season!


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    Folks, again, my deepest apologies for missing the standings last week. It was very hectic, as most everyone's was leading up to the Holiday. But still, that is one of the only times in all these years I missed the standings.

    So to recap the past two weeks (Week 15 & Week 16):
    In Week 15, we went a HORRIBLY combined 7-17-0 (.291) ATS
    In Week 16, you guys really rebounded and finished the week at 14-6-1 (.667) ATS

    So Now thru 16 weeks, we are a combined 386-366-22 (.499) ATS on the season.

    We now have 14 entries that have punched their tickets to the Postseason. 1 entry can make it in the final week with either a win or push. 3 others need a win in this final week to make it a very large field for the Playoff round.

    Just a reminder, that after this week, I will be handing off the Playoff round to Dave. As he is the one who sets the lines and calculates all the points/units for the run to the Championship. I will post the final standings on Monday morning (or late Sunday night if nobody uses the IND/TEN game as their play this week).

    Here are the updated standings after 16 weeks:
    Name Win Loss Tie Total
    EAST COAST 14 2 0 14
    FLORABAMABOY 13 3 0 13
    MR.VOLO 12 4 0 12
    RACINGCAT 12 4 0 12
    PHATMAN15 11 5 0 11
    COACHV29 10 5 1 10.5
    DAVEY SHINES 10 5 1 10.5
    MR. PIXTER 10 5 1 10.5
    2HOLLYWOOD 10 6 0 10
    BLUEANDGOLD65 10 6 0 10
    CAP32 10 5 0 10
    JDMOOSE1950 10 6 0 10
    JUSTJULIE123 10 5 0 10
    TEXAN 73 10 6 0 10
    FREEJACK 9 6 1 9.5
    MCGRATH 9 7 0 9
    MTHELLER 9 7 0 9
    PITTSBURGH 9 7 0 9
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      Going to fall short of playoffs this year. Thanks to Mr. Cotton, Rick & Dave for all the work in running this contest. Best of luck to all those remaining. Merry Christmas All.


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        POW 12-4
        Bears +61/2 Westgate Still a shot for 2 seed and will not let up.Look to make some$ on them in playoffs.
        On a run in NFL with 9 or 10 dogs in a row in last 3 weeks.Will back off this week but look to continue streak in playoffs.
        Congradulations to our leader East COAST 14-2.I think I taught him too well.You too Florabamabm.
        Looking forward to Christmas Eve tonight and a little Italian meal with my dear wife and some of our friends.Past the calamari.
        Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to whoever reads this and God Bless America.
        Best Volo


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          Its a Christmas Miracle!!! The standings are now updated above!


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            NFL POW (13-3)
            Buffalo -4 (Everywhere)

            Waiting until East Coast picks first so I can go opposite in the hopes of a tie seems unsportsmanlike to me, so lets throw caution to the wind and hold our nose with this pick.

            The Buffalo Bills are no picnic, ranking near the bottom of the league in offense, but at least they are trying. And they have one heck of a good defense. The Miami Dolphins, on the other hand, are a different kettle of fish. That was maybe one of the most uninspiring home defeats of the year last week against Jax with a playoff birth still a remote possibility. They stunk. They looked like they are ready to hit South Beach already, bad losers of their last 2 games.

            A road trip to chilly Buffalo is on tap, and with rumors about the fate of the Coach, the QB and the GM swirling this week, give me the medium home favorite. Plus the Fish are downright awful on the road, losers of five of their last six OTR (and all but one by double digits), and 11 of their last 12 road games, and 5/6 road games at Buffalo. I think Buffalo plays an inspired game for the home crowd, sets football back another 5 years, and wins an ugly ugly game of divisional payback 16 - 6. Free wings for everyone!!


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              UGH going 0-5 really stinks....well one last shot to make the playoffs...

              POW 9-6-1

              LA RAMS -9.5 (MGM)

              The rams are playing to hold their 1st round bye. They are the far superior team with a mission. They should handle the niners easily. I hope so!


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                POW 12-4
                Kansas City -7.5 first half (Westgate)

                Laying more than a TD in a single half of NFL football is always dubious but I like how this lines up for KC. The Raiders were my week 16 POW and that was an easy winner, but I believe they shot their wad in that game. That was a stand alone primetime game in what was likely the last NFL game ever played in Oakland. That was the game they had circled, I believe they come out flat this week. KC obviously motivated to clinch home field advantage and they should strike early and often. When these two teams met in Oakland last month, KC led by 12 at halftime before ultimately only winning the game by 7. I see the first half being similar here, Chiefs will hold a double digit halftime lead. Perhaps they allow the Raiders in the back door late, but that doesn't matter for this bet, Chiefs jump on a weak opponent early and will cover the first half number.


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                  NFL P.O.W. (10-6-0)

                  Buffalo -4 (Wynn LV)

                  Buffalo wants to end the season on a high note with expectations of better things next season. Young team with a promising QB against a team just wanting to end another ruined season and with questions at QB.
                  The weather won't help these fish out of water either. Bills get it done.
                  The man on the mountaintop didn’t fall there. . . . Vince Lombardi


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                    1 win short of the playoffs.

                    NE -13-1/2 MGM

                    Not a big fan of laying a couple TD's, but NE needs a win here to secure the first round bye. And the JETS need a loss to keep a top 3 pick in the draft. NE comes out firing, gets a big lead, and holds the Jets to minimal production.


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                      BUFF - 4 (CC TECH)

                      Fins lucked to beat Bison 21-17 on Dec. 2 when Charles (Hands Of) Clay failed to catch the game-winning pass in the closing seconds. Make it Bills here in a venue call. Miami is 1-6 on the road this year, and has won only nine of its past 26 trips to Orchard Park.


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                        NFL POW 10-5-1

                        OVER 45 New England vs NY Jets

                        Pats will be pushing hard to lock up that #2 seed and get the bye. Brady hasn't been himself lately and I see this changing a little this week using his backs and possession type WR's to put up close to 30 vs the Jets. QB Darnold has played very well and he will be able to match points for a little while in this game with McGuire and Anderson both getting in the end zone. I see this one around 50 points.

                        GL to all


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                          Hope everyone playing Buffalo got their cash bets in if you are playing Buffalo. Line has now moved to 6 offshore.


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                            P.O.W. 10 - 5 - 1
                            Bears +4.5 (Westgate)

                            Bears finally got back to the top of their division and are not about to let the Vikes feel good about themselves by making the playoffs. Cousins is not the QB I would want to trust in a big game. Looking at Bears to win the game outright.


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                              POW 9-7

                              RAVENS -5 (CG)

                              Been stuck on 9 wins for 4 weeks now and it’s do or die time.
                              I'm pretty well convinced after their shutdown of the potent Chargers last week that Baltimore has evolved into the best defense in the league. This D should carry the Ravens deep into the playoffs. The Browns have faced the 2nd easiest schedule of opponent defenses this year per my numbers, but they’ll face a brick wall on Sunday. This current Ravens D could hold Cleve to single digits. Ravens need this game big time and will get it by margin.