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WEEK 17 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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  • WEEK 17 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation


    Most pools probably didn’t lose any players, and now for people in the million dollar pool, it’s a shot at $100,000 minimum, and if a player can pick a winner, and others lose, BIGGGGGER MONEY!!! I’m not sure if they have to pick two-teams or not with his formula…Could you imagine. GULP!

    Adam’s pools didn’t lose anyone either, but they do an auto-split with anyone alive after 17-weeks, and play for the rest in the playoffs.

    Week 17 can be whacky with teams that are playing for something, teams that are playing for nothing, and teams that don’t give a rip, but they want to poop in someones playoff punch, and just don’t want to finish the season with a loss.

    Here is a verrrrrrrry quick and dirty rundown of the games. I don’t know injury or weather reports so check both, and brush your teeth after every meal! Unless it’s chocolate cake, then don’t brush your teeth, as the flavor should be enjoyed as long as possible.

    Lizzzzzy won with LAR…How will she finish off the season???? I know how I’d like her to finish me off!!!!! 😉


    OAK @ KC…OAK shot their wade vs. DEN trying to get a last win at Dumpster Fire Stadium. KC has everything to play for, and will want to polish off Chucky to keep the first seed.

    CINN @ PITT…PITT loses a close one, but needs the win…CINN just doesn’t have the horses to win at PITT I feel.

    CLEVE @ BALT…BALT is a scary team now with the great D, and ascending O…BALT QB running and running makes the difference.

    DET @ GB…Not sure of the weather, but GB should be able to take care of these kitties.

    ARI @ SEA…ARI has been tough in Seattle the last 5-years, but this ARI teams doesn’t have it going on enough with Roesen being benched, and a coach going out the door. SEA wants the 5-seed, so they will play their starters…The healthy ones anyway.

    JAX @ HOU…HOU loses a heartbreaker to PHILLY, but has more than enough talent to take down JAX.

    NYJ @ NE…NE needs to win to keep the bye week in their pocket, and NYJ will play tough for a half, than fold up like one of Volo’s horse’s coming down the stretch!

    DAL @ NYG…Compass can end the season with a smile on his face as his boys have the skills to take down DAL. PLEASE beat the crap out of them as SEA probably gets them in the WC round of the playoffs!

    PHILLY @ WASH…Noles knows he can create some magic if they get a win, and some help. WASH is gonna try, but PHILLY might find their way into the playoffs with a win…Might.


    CAR @ NO…Yes, Cammy is shut down, but NO has #1 locked so might just play main guys for a half…CAR would dearly like to find a win, and they might sneak one out IFFFF NO doesn’t play all the starters the whole game.

    LAC @ DEN…Yep, the altitude. LAC has played in it many times, and they lost a tough one to BALT, which isn’t a sin. DEN isn’t BALT, but they will play hard to try to spoil the LAC party.

    LAR @ SF…I just have this feeling SF is gonna give LAR a game…That feeling could be me still burping up Christmas dinner!

    GO FISH…

    ATL @ TB…I’ll go ATL, just because I like Ryan and Coach Quinn.

    MIA @ BUFF…When two crappy teams play, take the home team.

    INDY @ TENN….IF this was at INDY, I give them a bigger edge, but this will likely be a close one.

    CHI @ MINN…Playoff seeding on the line, and the flat out playoffs for MINN as they need the win.

    OK…A big day of football…Make a few bucks on bets as none of us are playing for a part of the million dollar pool, so make some money to get in it next year!!

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    A lot on the line for KC/LAC and NE/ HOU. Bal/ Pitt

    KC loss and LAC win, dumps KC into the 5 seed and LAC into first seed.NE win gets the 2 nd seed( maybe first if both KC & LAC lose)0ver Hou. Hou has to win to clinch Div, a loss puts them in the 6 seed and Tenn/ Indy winner takes Div or 6 seed. Loser is out! Balt wins Div with Win and Pittsburg is out. Pitts may see writing on the wall and disappoints vs Cinci.

    The NFC is more straight forward with the Min/ chi game very meaningful. Min win gets them in @#6., a loss gives Philly a chance. A Chi win gets #2 if rams lose to SF. I think Sea is really focussed on Dallas rather than Chi so expect them to consolidate the 5th seed.

    So in AFC, I would bet KC to win, NE to win, but I’m iffy of Hou as they are in either way, just get a home game, and Jax is mean and has revenge in their corner. I would bet Bal but not PITT: they tend to be flakey.. I wouldn’t bet LAC as they realize KC likely wins vs Oak so have nothing to play for.

    In the NFC I would bet LAR, Sea and Pha for sure, and probably Minny as opposed to Chi. I would find a way to bet against Dallas even though they play Eli.( maybe 2 h if they are ahead)

    Of course my best bet is Buffalo over Miami .

    Most pundits are predicting this order

    The AFC
    1. Kansas City

    2. New England

    3. Houston

    4. Baltimore

    5. Chargers

    6. Indianapolis

    The NFC
    1. New Orleans

    2. Rams

    3. Chicago

    4. Dallas

    5. Seattle

    6. Minnesota

    I think minny and Indy and Hou are vulnerable.
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    "A missed FG is a turnover " Michael Lombardi
    “The bigger the edge, the fewer the bets we need to verify our strategy.” Jim Makos


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      Good write ups above and a word of caution to Barryt.Word has it Gase is back next year unless Dolphins get embarrassed Sunday.Players like him and maybe put in extra
      effort.Buffalo playing for nothing and we all know these games are hard to figure.Also it has been my experience when I point and wait for a game I am usually on the wrong side.My three teams of Dogs this week are Cleveland,Cinny and Bears but only small.
      Have cashed some future bets and sit with Buffalo under 6 so worst I do is tie if they win.


      • Seahawk Rick
        Seahawk Rick commented
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        I like your doggies Volo...

        I do think most teams want to win though as some players/coaches don't like the taste of a loss. NO is the one team that might sit some people 2nd half as they are only team fully locked in their spot.

        it's a crapshoot though so it can be an upset filled day...Or not! LOL

        Good luck!!

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      Good luck this weekend boys...I will be heading to San Diego Saturday, and then the Rose Bowl Tuesday to see my Huskies get their ass kicked, orrrrrrrrrr the miracle of the college football season will occur and the DAWGS beat Urban Liar!!!! It will be fun either way!

      I probably won't post much, but we can kick around stuff on a playoff thread just for the hell of it. Can see how Adam's pools play out, along with the final payout on the million dollar pool that ends no matter what on Sunday.

      Have a great New Year's, and tee it high, and let it fly!


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        The Fantasy Survivor Liz Hurley Pick of the Week issssssssssssssssss...

        NE...A division game yes...They all are in Week 17. NE is in a playoff game as they want that #2 seed, so taking down the JETS is imperative for them to get that slot they so covet almost as much as I do Lizzzy...They might not be firing on all cylinders, but should be firing on enough of them to take NYJ down, as NE is tough in DEC. at home most of the time.

        LAR didn't have a problem last week as they coasted to victory.

        I'm just pretending that I could buy back in after Week 3! And now, Week 9 & 11 & 14! LOL --- I think it's a good exercise to prove to yourself that there are teams that never thought you'd pick at the beginning of your pool, that look attractive at the end of the season.

        Week 1: BALT --- -(W)
        Week 2: SF --------(W)
        Week 3: HOU------(L)
        Week 4: LAC ------(W)
        Week 5: CAR ------(W)
        Week 6: ATL-------(W)
        Week 7: KC --------(W)
        Week 8: CHI -------(W)
        Week 9: DAL-------(L)
        Week 10: GB-------(W)
        Week 11: ARI-------(L)
        Week 12: INDY-----(W)
        Week 13: SEA------(W)
        Week 14: BUFF----(L)
        Week 15: MINN----(W)
        Week 16: LAR-----(W)
        Week 17: NE

        This is what she is wearing New Year's Eve when I take her out...In the really good dream I am going to have about it all!!


        • Mrvolo
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          Showed this pix to Mrs. Volo and she said Lizzy was a week late,this is a Christmas Dress.Happy,Healthyand peaceful 2019.
          Best Volo

        • Seahawk Rick
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          Tell mrs. V that I don't care what holiday this dress is for because it's most lovely! Show her last week's photo and that has Christmas written all over it!!

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        I don't know how I'd be feeling with a chunk of 200K at stake and having BUFF as my pick, but I guess I'd rather have a shot at some big dough with them, than writing about other people having a shot at it!!!
        ADAM 1 ADAM 2
        Click image for larger version  Name:	adam1w17.JPG Views:	1 Size:	12.5 KB ID:	4339
        Click image for larger version  Name:	adam2w17.JPG Views:	1 Size:	12.4 KB ID:	4340


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          Two guys going out in Adam 2 with NO AND GB...OUCH!

          BUFF wins though!!!! lol.....crazy times in week 17.


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            Too bad I was out in week 4 but I had Buff circled back then for week17. Miami in the cold is a sure thing!
            "A missed FG is a turnover " Michael Lombardi
            “The bigger the edge, the fewer the bets we need to verify our strategy.” Jim Makos


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              I was pretty good with the rest too
              8:50pm 26-Dec-18 30-Dec-18 Parlay 6-Team Parlay. 30.00 97.91
              1. Win 30-Dec American Football/NFL (Money Line) Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs for Game (-796) 3 - 35
              2. Win 30-Dec American Football/NFL (Money Line) New York Jets vs New England Patriots for Game (-835) 3 - 38
              3. Win 30-Dec American Football/NFL (Money Line) Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins for Game (-295) 24 - 0
              4. Win 30-Dec American Football/NFL (Money Line) Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens for Game (-275) 24 - 26
              5. Win 30-Dec American Football/NFL (Money Line) Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills for Game (-191) 17 - 42
              6. Win 30-Dec American Football/NFL (Money Line) San Francisco 49ers vs Los Angeles Rams for Game (-463) 32 - 48
              Baltimore only ball twister...clearly ahead and made it a nail biter
              "A missed FG is a turnover " Michael Lombardi
              “The bigger the edge, the fewer the bets we need to verify our strategy.” Jim Makos