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Oklahoma v Bama

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  • Oklahoma v Bama

    I have seen this movie before. Lots of talk about Kyle Murray this, Kyle Murray that, and how no one can stop him. Bama's defense has been taking notes, and this is not their first time to face a dynamic QB. They have the blueprint. Remember all the talk before the LSU game? Our defensive line is going to get in his face, use their height to tip balls, block passes, etc. They land on this guy, he will be down for the count. I think Bama runs all day and play actions against what might be the worst defense to ever play in a semifinal game. We stop Murray, we name our score. I'm on Bama -14, with a lean on the under.

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    Ditto. All Bama needs to do is get a couple stops because that Swiss cheese defense isn't going to stop the Bama offense. That offense is the difference between this year and years past.


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      Exactly. Bama will be out to prove a point, and that is when they are the most dangerous. We run for 300+ yards on these guys. They will get mauled. 51 - 20 ish. I also like Bama first half -7.5. Bama has been money 1st half all year.


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        Bama was $ early in 1H but since Citadel not so much. I guess I didn't realize you were a bama are you playing this with your head or your heart?