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    Million Dollar Pool Final...

    The guy that runs the million dollar pool me, and a few others that chime in on this thread are in doesn't have a message board, so we don't really know how any chops might have gone before Week 17 games. He gives a summation at the end. Here is the quick and dirty version...I'll put his whole email down below it.

    "Here's a quick run down of the season... if you don't want to read it all, 7 entries lasted the whole season and took home just over 113k each... 7 others participated in a skim after week 14 and got 30k each."

    Bottom line is that 3-people balked at doing a 2nd chop in Week 16 and 17. I emailed the guy that runs the pool to see if any of the 3-people that lost in Week 17 on the NYG game were people that vetoed a 2nd chop.

    Here is the whole email....


    Here's a quick run down of the season... if you don't want to read it all, 7 entries lasted the whole season and took home just over 113k each... 7 others participated in a skim after week 14 and got 30k each.

    Week 1 saw us start with 10,137 entries which was less than last year b/c I cut off registration 4 days early. Right out the gate it was the sign of things to come as 30% of all the entries lost on the Saints and another 1248 lost w/ DET. After 1 week, 47% of the pool is gone!

    Week 2 not much happened but 362 did lose w/ WAS.

    Week 3 was bloodbath #2... a 14 pt home favorite (MIN) lost and took 2728 entries w/ them... the 3rd most picks had JAX & Blake Bortles which for the most part was a losing combination this season... after week 3 only 968 or 9.5% of the pool are still alive... def the quickest we've seen the pool drop out in 25+ years.

    Weeks 4-8 were pretty uneventful with the biggest # being 73 TEN picks losing in week 5.

    In week 9 we lost 134 DAL entries and we're down to 536 still alive.

    Week 10 saw 106 Jets, 62 PHI & 50 ATL lose and only 299 are still left. At this point, 2 pick weeks in weeks 13-17 don't look too likely.

    Week 11 took out 87 ARZ picks & 39 Panthers and the pool is left w/ only 130. It's official double picks won't start in week 13.

    With more than 100 still alive heading into week 14, 2 picks were mandatory and that cleared out all but 14 entries... 4 of the top 5 most common losers (DEN, PIT, BUF & HOU).

    After week 14, all 14 survivors agreed to skim $30k each so they would all go home w/ something.

    4 of the 14 lost in week 15, which was a single pick week, courtesy of JAX (3) & SEA (1)... now we're down to 10 so there will be only 1 pick weeks from here on out. Another skim proposal was voted down and on to week 16 they went.

    Everyone won in week 16 and another skim proposal was again voted down.

    In week 17, 3 lost when Cole Beasley made of the greatest catches I can remember costing the Giants a victory. Thus only 7 were left standing.

    Congrats to all the winners and if you intend on playing next year, I suggest you DON'T wait until the week before the season starts to register b/c you might be shut out.


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      Thx Rick- for all the info all year-- and being on the staff for the P.O.W---as well as the educational photo's

      Looking forward to next year

      Don't forget Adam also runs March Madness pool--so there's that----


      • Seahawk Rick
        Seahawk Rick commented
        Editing a comment
        No problem Joe...Let's get them next year!!! I don't do crap on POW, but educational photos I have a keen interest in... ;-)

        Get out here for a game sometime! Maybe your Giants will get out here again in our lifetimes...We play Carolina every frickin year it seems, but NFC East teams, not so much.

        Good luck in Adam's pools...I'm shutting it down until football. I have a baseball thing I might do again this season on my own to try to build up the kitty for the football pool dough I throw my life savings at!

        Let me know how you do in his pool if you get in.

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