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  • AAF Inaugural Season

    The new AAF Football League opens training camps on Friday in the 8 major cities where the teams will play. Teams are based in Atlanta, Orlando, Birmingham, San Antonio, Memphis, San Diego, St Lake City and Tempe. Judging by the coaching line-up, these teams will not lack from HC ability. Names like Singletary, Spurrier, Martz, etc are leading the charge. The players are a bunch of guys that you may of heard of that had decent college careers and some only their families know, lol.

    The season kicks-off the week after the Super Bowl with 2 games on National TV (CBS) and then two games the following day on CBS Sports Network. It will be very interesting to see how Vegas goes about lining these games (if they even do).

    Here is a link to the league website, with direct links to the team pages and rosters from this main site.

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    Well, for me it's football. Much more fun to watch/wager on than the NBA/NHL, at least for me. CBB is enough to occupy during the week, but it will give me something to look forward to 9n the weekends until baseball starts.


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      It will give me another opportunity to compare the talent pool with the CFL and try to figure out what the CFL is doing wrong. I'll be watching with interest especially at the salary structure and scouting.


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        Holy shit just took a look and on Mike Singletary's Memphis Express staff is none other than Windsor's own O.J. Otogwe! Dis is gonna b fun!