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College basketball ... second half unders

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  • College basketball ... second half unders

    I am having success betting second half unders in college basketball games. I am looking at games where the teams play decent defense. I like situations where the first half scoring is a little over the first half total. I also look for situations where one of the teams has a decent lead, thus reducing the chance of overtime. I have three games tonight that I will be monitoring the first half scoring to see if I want to pull the trigger on a second half under the total bet:
    West Virginia / Kansas State
    Clemson / Syracuse
    Virginia / Boston College
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    A first half score in the West Virginia / Kansas State game of 37 - 26 with a second half total of 69 would be an ideal situation.


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      Yeah, you need to find that sweet spot for a 2H Over or Under.

      If it's close, OT is a possibility, but if it real close, then they will play out the shot clock and not foul.

      If a team is down 4, 5 or 6 though, they will start fouling and there could be a LOT of points in the last minute.

      If a team is down 10 or more, then the trailing team will be firing up 3s while the other team uses the whole shot clock and the last 30 seconds or so may just be a dribble out.


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        Ever try to jump on an Over or Under when a game starts out real slow, or real fast? It may be risky, but unlike the point spread, the Books are often slow to back too far away from the original closing number in the first 4 or 5 minutes.

        Also, some books are heavily influenced by the closing line when they set their 2H lines, not wanting to create too big of a middle.


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          OK, the Virginia / BC game fits the criteria.

          2nd half Virginia / BC un72


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            Although the first half and the game went over their totals, the second half went 7 points under its total. WINNER!