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NFL P.O.W. (Play of Week) Contest: qualifiers make divisional picks here

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  • NFL P.O.W. (Play of Week) Contest: qualifiers make divisional picks here

    Sorry for the delay in posting this week's thread...I knew something slipped through the cracks today. Anyway, here's the standings after the wild-card weekends...kudos to the group as a whole with an 11-4 record:

    EAST COAST 14 3 0 14+5=19

    FLORABAMABOY 14 3 0 14+5=19

    MR.VOLO 13 4 0 13+5=18

    RACINGCAT 13 4 0 13+5=18

    MR. PIXTER 11 5 1 11.5+5=16.5

    JDMOOSE1950 11 6 0 11+5=16

    PHATMAN15 12 5 0 12+4=16

    TEXAN 73 11 6 0 11+5=16

    FREEJACK 10 6 1 10.5+5=15.5

    BLUEANDGOLD65 10 6 0 10+5=15

    MTHELLER 10 7 0 10+5=15

    JUSTJULIE123 10 6 0 10

    2HOLLYWOOD 11 6 0 11-5=6

    COACHV29 10 6 1 10.5-5=5.5

    DAVEY SHINES 10 6 1 10.5-5=5.5

    CAP32 10 6 0 10-5=5

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    I trust the contestants remember the P.O.W. playoff rules, but just in case (and for everyone else following along): 1 pick per NFL playoff weekend, the points you accumulated during the regular season as now units that you use with your wagers, wager up to 5 units (whole numbers only!), and provide a reason for your selection...also of note: instead of players locking in bets when they feel they're getting the best line during the week, playoff lines are locked in (with the caveat that I allow players to pick lines that have been widely available, so there will be cases where both sides win on a game such as Dallas -1.5 and Seattle +2.5 last week...but that's what we love in real-life when we get the best of the number. GLA

    Chiefs -5
    Colts +5.5
    Chiefs-Colts Over 56.5
    Chiefs-Colts Under 57.5

    Rams -7
    Cowboys +7
    Rams-Cowboys Over 49
    Rams-Cowboys Under 49.5

    Patriots -4
    Chargers +4.5
    Patriots-Chargers Over 46.5
    Patriots-Chargers Under 48

    Saints -8
    Eagles +8.5
    Saints-Eagles Over 50.5
    Saints-Eagles Under 51


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      You forgot to indicate UNITS!!


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        Forgot,5 units,thanks.


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          I guess I deleted original.5 units LAChargers +41/2.They have 2 RB who average 5 YPC.Rivers is playing best ball in a long time.They moved the Ball easily against
          Baltimorea good defense.NE last few games beat inferior teams and lost some of their dominance.


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            Rams/Cowboys u49.5 5 units. I'm out of this but may as well play out the string and throw in my 2 cents. Dallas D is playing sound football, especially the front 7. Think they can pressure Goff a little bit and take the edge off of a hobbled Gurley. Cowboys will rely heavily on the ball possession game with Zeke and some dink and dunk from Dak to play keep away from LA. This will be lower scoring than some might anticipate. Add in the possibility of a little precipitation in parched SoCal and that might further ground the high flying Rams. Thinking LA 23 Dallas 17. GL all.


            • Mrvolo
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              Thank you for your pick and continuing to go forward.From what you posted you give Dallas a shot with the points.You make good points and just may take Dallas plus 7.

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            Only 2 people have posted!!


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              NFL POW Colts +5.5. 5 units. Colts are my favorite dog this week. Everyone already knows the playoff issues with Chiefs/Reid, not winning at home since 1994! Think this is a 4 point game one way or another, give me the points with the hottest team in the NFL.


              • Mrvolo
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                Good pick as I am on Colts and Chargers ML this week with ML NO and Rams in a 4 team parlay paying more than 10-1.

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              Just a thought. Nearly everyone was a winner last week, so the standings didn't change much. I was in this contest 2-3 years ago and it seems like you could wager as many points or as few as you wanted based on what you had. This added the opportunity to move up even though your pick was the same as someone else. Last week, everyone put up 5 points, so the standings didn't change much. Those who played Dallas and Seattle all won the same thing, so not much changed. If they had been allowed to wager whatever, things might be more interesting. Thanks for the contest and all the hard work that goes in to it. Food for thought.
              "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


              • Caseinpoint
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                I have to agree Texan. I didn’t qualify this year, but I do remember the days when they allowed parlays and ML bets. It made the contest much more fun to watch and gave the lower level contestants a way to regroup if they made some bad plays during the wildcard rounds.
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              I think the contest as is is fair because it gives the season leaders a chance to win if they go 4 for 4.That being said the winner of contest will go 4 for 4 and let’s see what happens.


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                Hey Dave,

                Any word from the TOP Guys of Supercontest/GN or the winners of either this week? Would appreciate feedback, thank you so much.


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                  Two paper tigers to look out for in the playoffs: New England and LA Rams. If they don’t go down this weekend, they’ll go down next week.


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                    Colts +5.5 for the 5 units
                    actually almost a coin flip for me as I like both AFC dogs and the reason I'm on the Colts because I think with Andrew Luck your never really out of the game and if anything he's capable of the back door cover if needed. Sooner or later KC will break that jinx hopefully not this week. Luck has been well protected all year and should dissect this KC defense. I'm also liking the Colts running the ball better than KC. I did play a 3 team 10 point tease on Colts +15.5/Chargers+14.5/New Orleans -1.5


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                      COLTS +5.5 (WILL HILL)

                      Andrew Luck will be tested on the road at Arrowhead, but his offensive line is allowing him to be pressured on just 29.3% of his drop backs and he’s getting sacked on 8.6% of those pressures.

                      Also, the Chiefs defense can be exploited as they’ve allowed the fifth-highest scoring rate to opposing offenses along with 273.4 passing yards per game.



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                        POW: 16.5
                        Eagles +8.5 (MGM) 5 units

                        Jim Schwartz has managed to stabilize the back end of his defense significantly more than it was two months ago when the defensive backfield had to introduce themselves in the game's first huddle. They've developed into a pretty good defensive unit and as a whole the Eagles aren’t giving up as many big plays. They are limiting yards after the catch and creating turnovers. Also the front four has been playing its best football of the season while getting consistent pressure on quarterbacks and stopping the run.

                        There is no way the Eagles will shut down the Saints offense down but I think the defense can keep New Orleans out of the end zone enough to give the Eagles an opportunity to stay in this game if good old St Nick can get the offense to hold up its end of the bargain.
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