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NFL P.O.W. (Play of Week) Contest: qualifiers make divisional picks here

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    NFL POW (15-units)

    NE -4 (5-units)

    You're not in San Diego anymore Rivers. Game temps will not get above freezing today in Foxboro. Coach B had plenty of time to prepare, it is the perfect storm for an LAC letdown. Back to back east coast 1pm games, no rest weeks for 3 months. It all catches up this week and Brady gets his showdown with Mahomes next week.


    • Seahawk Rick
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      The NFL just f**ked LAC with two early body clock games in-a-row...NO reason for it as they have the Saturday time slot that makes it a 1pm game for them. During the regular season I can see it happening, not that they can't flip east coast game times to 4pm, but in the playoffs, it's BS they force a west coast team to do the early game. I get that TV wants a marque match-up for the late game on Saturday, but they can make more competitive games if they put every team on equal footing. LAC might have only lost by 30 Sunday if they started later! LMEAO!!! All those Charger fans that dug their jerseys out of the dumpsters they threw them in when the team moved, will fill the dumpsters all over again!

    • Seahawk Rick
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      LAC could have picked the time of the game themselves, and still got their brains beaten out! That was as bad a showing in a divisional round as a team can have. Good pick mtheller...Keep it going!!!!

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    NE -4 (MGM) 5 Units

    The Chargers travel is insane the past several weeks - especially West Coast to East Coast in consecutive weeks. The Pats have essentially been idle for a month with zero to minimal travel and stress free games to close the season against the NYJ and BUF as well as true BYE last week. Despite all the great things things LAC can do I just feel like Belichick will somehow, someway have the perfect game plan in place to really force the LAC to struggle more than they have and on offense I can see slow methodical 10+ play drives for NE. I just can't take the Road team in NE in the playoffs.


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      NFL POW 15.0

      NO/PHI OVER 50.5 FOR 5 UNITS

      Neither team has good records ats, no dvoa better offensively and defensively. Foles will do better than Wentz in this rematch, because saints pass d is 22nd. Total over seems min lost likely outcome with two capable passers.


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        Here's the updated P.O.W. standings after the divisional playoff round. Our qualifiers went just 6-9 ATS after going 11-4 ATS in the wild-card for a still-respectable 17-13 ATS. mr pixter has moved into first place with his second straight win on the Eagles to stand at 21.5 units (though he can't rely on them anymore LMEAO); phatman15 is right behind him with 21 units as our top four leaders from the regular season lost this round...we'll be back Wednesday afternoon to post the P.O.W. thread for the conference championship games:

        MR. PIXTER 11 5 1 11.5+5=16.5+5=21.5

        PHATMAN15 12 5 0 12+4=16+5=21

        BLUEANDGOLD65 10 6 0 10+5=15+5=20

        MTHELLER 10 7 0 10+5=15+5=20

        EAST COAST 14 3 0 14+5=19-5=14

        FLORABAMABOY 14 3 0 14+5=19-5=14

        MR.VOLO 13 4 0 13+5=18-5=13

        RACINGCAT 13 4 0 13+5=18-5=13

        JDMOOSE1950 11 6 0 11+5=16-5=11

        TEXAN 73 11 6 0 11+5=16-5=11

        2HOLLYWOOD 11 6 0 11-5=6=5=11

        FREEJACK 10 6 1 10.5+5=15.5-5=10.5

        CAP32 10 6 0 10-5=5+5=10

        JUSTJULIE123 10 6 0 10


        COACHV29 10 6 1 10.5-5=5.5-5=0.5

        DAVEY SHINES 10 6 1 10.5-5=5.5-5=0.5


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          Thanks for the contest.....good luck the rest of the way guys


          • DaveyShines
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            Ditto from me. I will be checking in to see who everybody is taking this week. There are some sharp handicappers on this site and it's always valuable to take into consideration the thoughts and opinions of VFV Nation.

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          What a shittyass weekend!! Indy and Lac SUCKS!!!


          • mtheller
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            What are you talking about?!? Our picks on here went 3-1 in the NE/LAC game.