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NFL P.O.W. (Play of Week) Contest: qualifiers make conference title game picks here

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  • NFL P.O.W. (Play of Week) Contest: qualifiers make conference title game picks here

    Here's the updated P.O.W. standings after the divisional playoff round. Our qualifiers went just 6-9 ATS after going 11-4 ATS in the wild-card for a still-respectable 17-13 ATS. mr pixter has moved into first place with his second straight win on the Eagles to stand at 21.5 units (though he can't rely on them anymore LMEAO); phatman15 is right behind him with 21 units as our top four leaders from the regular season lost this round:

    MR. PIXTER 11 5 1 11.5+5=16.5+5=21.5

    PHATMAN15 12 5 0 12+4=16+5=21

    MTHELLER 10 7 0 10+5=15+5=20

    EAST COAST 14 3 0 14+5=19-5=14

    FLORABAMABOY 14 3 0 14+5=19-5=14

    MR.VOLO 13 4 0 13+5=18-5=13

    RACINGCAT 13 4 0 13+5=18-5=13

    JDMOOSE1950 11 6 0 11+5=16-5=11

    TEXAN 73 11 6 0 11+5=16-5=11

    2HOLLYWOOD 11 6 0 11-5=6=5=11

    FREEJACK 10 6 1 10.5+5=15.5-5=10.5

    BLUEANDGOLD65 10 6 0 10+5=15-5=10

    CAP32 10 6 0 10-5=5+5=10

    JUSTJULIE123 10 6 0 10


    COACHV29 10 6 1 10.5-5=5.5-5=0.5

    DAVEY SHINES 10 6 1 10.5-5=5.5-5=0.5

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    I was hoping to get this thread posted by Wednesday, but was still waiting to see if any movement in the lines (especially the NE-KC total). Besides, everyone has an extra day to decide their P.O.W. with no Saturday games

    I trust the contestants remember the P.O.W. playoff rules, but just in case (and for everyone else following along): 1 pick per NFL playoff weekend, the points you accumulated during the regular season as now units that you use with your wagers, wager up to 5 units (whole numbers only!), and provide a reason for your selection...also of note: instead of players locking in bets when they feel they're getting the best line during the week, playoff lines are locked in (with the caveat that I allow players to pick lines that have been widely available, so there will be cases where both sides win on a game such as Dallas -1.5 and Seattle +2.5 in the wild-card round...but that's what we love in real-life when we get the best of the number. GLA

    Saints -3
    Rams +3.5
    Rams-Saints Over 56.5
    Rams-Saints Under 57

    Chiefs -3
    Patriots +3
    Patriots-Chiefs Over 55
    Patriots-Chiefs Under 56


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      Saints -3 (5 Units)

      I will start this off i guess. I loss with the Saints last week and should have won. Drew and company looked rusty the first half of the game and Drew couldnt get the ball deep enough. Sitting 3 weeks will do that. They got that out of the way and now face the dangerous Rams. The Saints will be dialed in for this one as they know it was hard the first time around. Getting punched in the mouth by an opponent that you embarrassed the last time was just what the dr ordered to wake these starters up. Saints get the running game going early and drop bombs on the rams. Saints get another 10 pt victory.


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        NFL POW 20-units

        Pats/Chiefs Over 55 for 5-units

        Back in week 6, these two teams combined for 83 points, and Brady only had 1 passing TD. It will be cold in KC, but no snow. These two teams will go for a shootout to advance, KC wins 34-31.


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          Hi Dave! It made me smile to see myself in the top's where I hoped to be, rather than out of contention at the bottom. But my play last week was a loss, so my point total should be 15-5=10. Congrats to Mr. Pixter, Phatman15 and Mtheller (Repeat?!) For their strong start in the playoffs.


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            Originally posted by Blueandgold65 View Post
            Hi Dave! It made me smile to see myself in the top's where I hoped to be, rather than out of contention at the bottom. But my play last week was a loss, so my point total should be 15-5=10. Congrats to Mr. Pixter, Phatman15 and Mtheller (Repeat?!) For their strong start in the playoffs.
            Thanks for the honesty, Blueandgold65...for some reason, I had you down on the Patriots -4. GL the rest of the way.


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              Congratulations to the top 3 and whoever goes 4 for 4 deserves to win.My pick this week is NE+3.
              I picked against them last week and Monday my wife made a appointment for me to see my
              shrink.Close game and I start off winning 3 to 0.I have a QB who has been there many times
              and a Coach who can make all the right in game moves.GL and enjoy the 2 games.


              • mtheller
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                Don't sell yourself short. You had a very impressive regular season and 3-1 in the playoffs may be a winner.

              • Mrvolo
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                Thanks,also like over,let’s hope we both cash.

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              Chiefs -3 for 5 units. Payback time, home field edge, Pats not that great on the road and idk how the Pats stop this Chiefs offense.


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                Saints -3 (5 units)

                If they were good enough to beat my Eagles, then they can certainly win and cover against the Rams. New Orleans was my Super Bowl winner pick so I am sticking with them. I like experience in big games and Brees has a ton of that over Goff, who though good, is still prone to mistakes. Also believe Saints defense can stymie Gurley and CJ Anderson will not have the week he had last week.


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                  RAMS + 3 1/2 1 unit yes 1
                  that's how tough these lines are, that they don't warrant a play from me, I can't give you a good reason for either, But I will be playing live and hopefully find some value like the Saints +2 1/2 live last week
                  good luck everyone


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                    East coast are u forgetting your in a COMPETITION??? Of course the lines are tight but how the hell do you think you can win now that you foolishly played your pic for ONLY 1 unit??? You just made the biggest boneheaded play of the year so far.... Go for the GUSTO!!!


                    • Caseinpoint
                      Caseinpoint commented
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                      EC....not that it’s any of my business, but I have to agree with SB. You’re not even giving yourself a chance to win. Everyone above you and even close to you in the standings would have to miss their pick this week for you to even have a chance. I think you’ll realize your error once you think about it.

                    • Mrvolo
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                      My man EC,14-3 in regular season and we have people questioning you.Against you in this game for small wager but
                      making a play on NE ML and over NE game.GLTA and let’s enjoy the games.

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                    Kc -3 (5 units)

                    i'm o for 15 yrs betting against brady and bellichick..why start now...agree with everybody says about the pats, just think the kc qb is really special and arrowhead is known as the toughest venue to play at for visiting teams...not a "rubber band " game for sure...more like a "double sawbuck" game.



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                      NFL P.O.W. (11)

                      KC/NE Over 55 (5 Units)

                      Weather is not going to be as bad as expected, but still cold with some snow. Both teams play in the cold this time of year. Neither defense matches up well with these offenses. I believe this game is pretty high scoring and the team with the ball at the end wins by a FG. Should be a must see for any fan. The Young Gun verses the Old Gunfighter. You can't make this stuff up.

                      "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


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                        OK its just for fun, if you can edit and Dave ok's it make the play 5 units on the Rams, it' not life and death folks either way Dave grades it is fine with me, now on to college baskets and see what the Coach has posted


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                          if you're saying it's "just for fun" then why dont you go ahead and donate your winnings to me then since "it's just for fun" and you obviously dont care very much about winning any money.


                          • Mrvolo
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                            This is not a money contest.We as Sport Handicappers try to win to feed our egos.As Dave pointed out we also share some of our knowledge of the sport.I made my first bet 70 years ago and think I know a little of what’s happening.That being said we also show respect for our fellow VFV members and do not take shots at them.