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2020 superbowl futures

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  • 2020 superbowl futures

    The current. 2020 Super Bowl futures posted at Westgate:

    RAMS 6/1

    CHIEFS 6/1

    sAINTS 8/1

    PATRIOTS 10/1

    CHARGERS 14/1
    BEARS 12/1

    STEELERS 14/1

    VIKINGS 16/1

    PACKERS 16/1

    EAGLES 20/1

    COWBOYS 20/1

    RAVENS 20/1
    COLTS 20/1

    SEAHAWKS 30/1

    FALCONS 30/1

    BROWNS 30/1

    TEXANS 30/1

    JAGUARS 30/1

    GIANTS 40/1

    PANTHERS 60/1
    49ERS 40/1

    BUCS 60/1
    TITANS 60/1

    BRONCOS 80/1

    REDSKINS 100/1

    LIONS 100/1
    JETS 100/1
    BILLS 100/1

    BENGALS 100/1

    RAIDERS 100/1

    CARDINALS 100/1

    DOLPHINS 300/1
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    South Point futures

    Cards 100/1

    Falcons 25/1

    Ravens 20/1

    Bills 100/1

    Panthers 50/1

    Bears 12/1

    Bengals 100/1

    Browns 30/1

    Cowboys 20/1

    broncos 75/1
    Lions 100/1

    Packers 18/1

    Texans 30/1
    Colts 15/1

    Jjaguars 50/1
    Chiefs 7/1

    Chargers 15/1

    Rams 7/1

    Dolphins 200/1

    Vikings 18/1
    Patriots 7/1

    Saints 10/1

    Giants 50/1
    Jets 100/1

    Raiders 100/1

    Eagles 20/1
    steelers 15/1

    49ers 40/1

    Seahawks 30/1
    Bucs 60/1

    Titans 60/1

    Redskins 100/1
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      Can't believe the Pats are 10-1


      • TARB
        TARB commented
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        Gary, does that mean that you think that there is value taking NE @ 10/1 odds?

      • Buckeyefan80
        Buckeyefan80 commented
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        They may be banking on Brady retiring, so trying to get as much money as they can before he announces it???

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      I took a flyer on the Jaguars @ 50/1, hoping that Foles winds up playing inJacksonville next year.


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        Originally posted by gcotton View Post
        Can't believe the Pats are 10-1
        Exactly! Talk about no respect for the DARKHORSE team that made it all the way to the promised land once again!!!


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          Never really a ton of value in Super Bowl futures because the hold percentage for the house is so high but if I were to take a flier on a long shot, I would go with the Falcons at 30/1. They had terrible injury luck this year, especially on defense. They were in the Super Bowl two years ago and had a 1st & goal in Philadelphia last year which had they converted would have put them in the NFC Championship game. They should bounce back and have a winning record next year and be a playoff team.


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            RacingCat - Good feedback! I went through the list and thought similar and then scrolled down and saw your post. I think Atlanta is good value at 30-1. I have not looked at their schedule in detail yet but this team can move the ball and if they stay healthy on D they are quick and pretty good. Worth a shot, especially since they got rid of their OC Sakarsian.


            • mtheller
              mtheller commented
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              Lol, Sarkisian had to go back down to minors to get some more coaching from Saban.

            • Liddy
              Liddy commented
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              Ha - No doubt. I think any change would most likely be an upgrade.

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            Saints r 10 at both Sopt and SIA. Pats flashed to 11 at SIA but r 9 there today.