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  • NO vs RAMS

    There were thousands of RAM fans sending in petitions to the NFL that they didn't want
    Bill Vinovich referring the Ram game because they were 0W - 8L
    with him referring the RAMS games. I guess the big call he let go was kind of makeup time. An out and out steal from NO going to the Super Bowl. Plus a lot of my cash.

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    I think everyone can agree the nfl officiating is beyond horrible......

    The Best Fix and Goodell wont do it would be to immediately fire every official! & start the hiring of full time officials, get them trained new from the start now, and teach them as a group to be consistent from game to game then start working the preseason games, pay them all 100K after 2 years ....Problem is Goodell who makes about 50 Million a year, doesnt want to pay 20 Million to the refs, so because of his greed, every fan and bettor has to deal with horrible officiating(And thats why he is boooed every time he is introduced at the NFL draft...............


    • rockman in pa
      rockman in pa commented
      Editing a comment
      Three operative words were in your second paragraph: The Best Fix. Remember the Rams are pushing for a new $3 Billion Dollar Stadium. What better way to get pushed through by getting the Rams to the Super Bowl with the added Bonus of an East-West game.

      Also New Orleans got their Feel Good story a few years after the flood so it was someone elses turn.