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Super Bowl Props Contest??

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  • Super Bowl Props Contest??

    Was just wondering if we were going to have a props contest again this year??

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    Would help if someone bothered answering you


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      Sorry for lack of reply but I honestly didn't have time to put it together this year...also, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be busier with other duties during the actual game and wasn't sure I'd be able to keep on top of grading everything right away (in addition, I never progressed far in trying to do it because I wasn't confident I could get the contest website the handle the 20 props like I prefer to do). So it was a combination of those things.

      I do appreciate to hear that it was missed (but with just 2 comments I'm kinda thinking that everyone else is juggling a million bets/contests coming into today's game that it's not missed that much). Or is it?


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        For me RI started to accept sports betting. I played props there. Doubt I would go back. It was an hour ride each way from MA and what Twin River defines as a sports book does not come close to Las Vegas. But it would have been fun to have Dave's contest.