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  • Westgate Super Contest 2019

    Hey Dave--I heard they are opening up contest starting in March this year. Also heard some buzz that other states will either feed into the big one or have Super Contests of their own. Have you heard anything regarding the latter? If you have and other states are "joining in" can we keep that between us guys so that the wife thinks I have to fly to Vegas to enter contest!!

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    Other states should be prohibited from doing there own SC and only be allowed to join SC LAS VEGAS otherwise #'s will be heavily reduced.................. plus can you imagine how STUPID it would be to have 50 different SC's from all over the damn nation all cuz each state wanted to have their OWN SC? I want to see 5000 people in the *REAL* sc next season !!!


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      justjulie...yes, registrations start March word on other states...with Westgate moving up registration, I think that kills any chance of anyone being able to enter from other states (besides, "SuperBookUSA" hasn't added any other outlets and that's where any out-of-state entries would come from, and those would be subject to state and federal laws. I think things stay the same as they've been this year (except for other companies adding contests later this spring/summer) and any changes to the SuperContest will come in 2020.