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VFV transparency on 2-day ban of JackBNimble

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    Not sure what you people are whining about. Dude posted a clearly wrong team in South Dakota when they're not even playing tonight. If you dont believe me then go ahead and continue posting incorrect plays and change up the names of every team you post and go ahead and see just how confused everyone will be.


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      A spade is always a spade.

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      Which is exactly why it wasn't a big deal and no one said anything. Especially since he was replying to someone else's post about tailing the team they were on. If they were both playing that night or if the poster was playing both SD St and ND St it may have been confusing to some. We are smart enough in here to realize what he meant and are also not asshole enough to call him out on it the way you did. As I've told you before, sportsbettor, you really need to work on your delivery. I'm sure you'll ignore my advice again since you "didn't ask for it" and I'm sure you'll get banned again since you don't know how to take advice. GL on your after the game picks, Jack.

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    Walks like JackB, Talks like JackB, must be JackB


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      Don't forget Sportsbettor


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        FYI to VFV regulars: 1-day ban for NewbieSportsbettor in case he's not who we all say he is...but sent him note that he needs to review his posts and not act like the "other guy" with put-downs and complaints and not posting anything of value.


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          Thanks Dave....good luck with that....unfortunately he’ll be back spewing his poisonous remarks soon
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