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NCAA Bracket Contest *****NOT Affiliated With VFV*****

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  • NCAA Bracket Contest *****NOT Affiliated With VFV*****

    Once again with Dave's blessing, he is allowing me to use this platform to promote the Bracket contest that I have ran for over 20+ years now. Many VFV members have played over the years. In fact, I have already received Mr. Volo's check for this year, lol. It is run through an online platform, and a pretty nice site to be honest with you. Entry fee is $5 per bracket if paying by cash or mail. it is $5.50 per bracket if utilizing the PayPal feature available on the web page. PayPal has to get paid, that is the reason for the added fee there.

    Last year we had almost 900 paid brackets, from 19 different states and a couple of folks from Canada, with the winner getting close to $2,500. Not bad for a $5 bill!!!

    Feel free to pass along the website if you want, the more that enter, the bigger the payouts!! Hope to see some new VFV members in again this year!

    Here is the link to the site:

    If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a PM on here or use the email that is listed on the above web page.

    Thanks again to Dave for allowing me to post about this contest on here!

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    No problem, g...always a fun contest and very well run. I'll be getting in per usual. GLA


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      Just wanted to bump this back to the front page as we are getting closer to Selection Sunday.


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        Thanks again to all the VFV members who have signed up for my Bracket Challenge. Just over 24 hrs in and we are almost up to 200 brackets so far. Could be another record year.