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It's that time again...annual Team Tuley fundraiser for American Heart Association

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  • It's that time again...annual Team Tuley fundraiser for American Heart Association

    Hey, VFV Nation. My son Maddux is doing the annual fundraiser for the American Heart used to be "Jump Rope For Hearts" for him as well as my daughters in previous years, but they changed it up a little bit but it's still for the AHA and it's still out No. 1 fundraising effort of the year as I don't hit up my VFV followers for every bake sale, popcorn sale, silly little trinkets, etc. but put all our eggs in one basket for this fundraiser. Our kids have raised more than $25,000 over the past 10 years and have received many honors from the AHA and all have thrown out 1st pitches at Las Vegas minor-league baseball games (formerly at Cashman Field for the "51s" though the team is now the "Aviators" and opening a new field this spring in Summerlin).

    Anyway, with me and the family being pretty much sick the past month, we have dropped the ball in getting Maddux's account set up for this year, so he took the bull by the horns (he's 9 years old) this weekend and sent out a bunch of emails from his this is the same announcement that many of you received Saturday, but the main thing to know is to get credited to Maddux's account you need to go to and submit payment there. The deadline for online submissions to be credited to Maddux is technically this upcoming Friday, March 8, though I think any through the end of the month will still be credited to him. Again, sorry for the short notice but we just weren't able to be on top of it as much this year so we'll see how much we can still raise in a short amount of time and if we're not in our usual top position of being the top fundraisers in Nevada, so be it.

    Thanks again to all our you for your past and continuing support (though Maddux will be in 5th grade next year, so the assumption is that will be the last time we participate in the AHA program.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Tuley

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    I have to say it was far easier to donate thru Facebook than the link provided here.


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      Originally posted by WJCJR View Post
      I have to say it was far easier to donate thru Facebook than the link provided here.
      Sorry about that, Bill....but definitely appreciate your perseverance and your contribution, It's much appreciated. And also thanks to the other VFV members who have contributed (donnie p, Mr.OutsideVegas, Mr Pixter, gcotton, dukerino, dink and theFin (hope I'm not missing anyone)


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        Thanks again, everyone. Maddux's school was closing donations as of March 8, I believe (though I'm sure they'll still credit Maddux through end of the month as other schools are just getting started actually). Regardless, looks like he raised $1,278, which is lower than previous years with our kids, but not bad as we only really did it for 4-5 days. Pretty impressive if you ask me, and I really appreciate the generosity of VFV Nation...hopefully it brings us all good karma the rest of March Madness


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          I didn't know there was an end date so went to Maddux's page to donate. I was going to customize my donation, but hit the button at the bottom that had a set amount, thinking that would take me to a page to customize it since I didn't see another place to do it. I'm a dumbass, and the heart association has a lovely donation.

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