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  • NFL Week 2 Method

    I think this is a method I posted last year before week 2. Here's how it works:

    1. Only play teams that lost in week 1 by 10 or more points.
    2. If a team lost by 10 or more points in week 1 and they are playing a team that also lost by 10 or more in week 1, that game is not playable.

    From 2011 to 2017, this method is 17-9-2 ATS with a win percentage of 65%. Last year, it was 3-1 ATS.

    Here's how it stacks up for 2018:

    Colts lost by 11 to Bengals last week and will play Redskins this week who won last week. PLAY
    Bills lost by 44 (ouch) to Ravens last week and will play Chargers who lost by 10 to KC last week. Neither team is a play.
    Cards lost by 18 last week and will play the Rams this week who won in week 1. PLAY.
    Lions lost by 31 and will play the Niners who lost by less than 10. PLAY.
    Raiders lost by 20 and will play the Broncos who won last week. PLAY.

    To summarize, the plays are (with current lines):

    Colts vs. Redskins +5.5
    Cards vs. Rams +13
    Lions vs. Niners +5.5
    Raiders vs. Broncos +6

    Next week, I'll post the results.


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    Interesting system...amazing after 1 game the Rams fav by 13. I think in the 2nd week it's best to remember no one it that
    bad or that good and give some leeway. Like the Colts out of this bunch


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      Very interesting. I was checking on last year and thought I'd share. Many more 10-point week-1 wins last year, but same amount of plays.

      2017 Week 1
      Pats lost by 15
      Titans lost by 10
      Cards lost by 12
      Skins lost by 13
      Texans lost by 22
      Bengals lost by 20
      Colts lost by 37
      49ers lost by 20
      Saints lost by 10
      Giants lost by 16

      2017 Week 2
      Pats - Playing against Saints - NO PLAY

      Titans - Beat Jags 37-16 as 1.5 point fave - WIN

      Cards - Playing against Colts - NO PLAY

      Skins - Beat Rams 27-20 as 2.5 point dog - WIN

      Texans - Playing against Bengals - NO PLAY

      Bengals - Playing against Texans - NO PLAY

      Colts - Playing against Cards - NO PLAY

      49ers - Lost 12 - 9 to Seahawks as 14 point dog - WIN

      Saints - Playing against Pats - NO PLAY

      Giants - Lost 24-10 to Lions as 3 point fave - LOSS


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        Bumping because

        Its guys like you that make this the best place on the net-- Thank you for sharing this---


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          Capcondo,thank you.Bet all 4 games and was happy with the results.Hope you post next year.GL the rest of the year.


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            Thanks for the nice comments. Just to recap:

            Colts, Lions, and Raiders covered with Arizona (I live in Phoenix) being the only loser. Method went 3-1 this year. This brings the record from 2011--2018 to 20-10-2 or 67% ATS if we ignore ties. Too bad we can't stay in a week 2 time warp!