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Sat. June 1st ALL SPORTS

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  • Sat. June 1st ALL SPORTS

    MLB. 206-194-3 +2.25... pending

    Milwaukee -1.5 (-110)
    Over 8.5 Cubs
    Over 10 Whitesox
    Cincy -125 (2u)
    Under 9 Atlanta
    Over 9 LA Angels
    Houston -150

    GL to all

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    May Recap:

    May started out with a bang but then hit a snag in the road late in the month. Let's take a look at the numbers:

    Odds Line: 29-16 64% with an average line of -146 for a flat bet profit of 4.03 which is a flat bet return of 8.96%.
    Run Line: 19-26 42% with an average line of +138 for a flat bet profit of 0.28 which is a flat bet return of 0.62%.

    Bankroll: A starting bankroll which started at $1,000 grew to $1,178 which is a growth rate of 17.8%.

    Late in the month, I lost 12 of 14 bets on the run line.

    It was a profitable month but not what I was looking for. I ran a query on how favorites did in May and the numbers were similar to mine.

    Late in the month, I took a look at my per cent of bankroll wagered on each play and decided it should be 6.61% on odds line bets and 3.38% on run line bets. The odds line percentage is close to the 7% I used from the beginning. But, I was over betting my run line bets. The percentage before was 5% and is now 3.38%.

    In April, I tracked my picks but did not post them nor did I bet them. But, the results were better than May so I am hopeful the results will improve going forward.

    On to June.


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      P.S. One thing I have noticed here is that when Coach and I agree on a game, it is a solid bet (I don't have a record on this). And when we disagree on a game, Coach is usually right! I'll try to point these out in the future.


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        71-73 +3.41

        All First 5

        Cleveland Over 6-Even
        Pitt +176
        Baltimore +125
        Detroit +247
        Seattle Over 5 -105
        Toronto +140
        Philly +196


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          Odds: 29-16 +4.03
          Runs: 19-26 +0.28


          Reds -129 and -1.5 +160
          Padres -150 and -1.5 +140

          BTW, Coach and I are both on the Reds today. He has them for 2u; generally the sign of a good play.