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VFV shirt are in...finally (please let me know if you are owed one)

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  • VFV shirt are in...finally (please let me know if you are owed one)

    Yes, the long-awaited latest shipment of shirts has finally arrived. I've already let some of our past prize winners know that they're going out in the mail this week.

    For those who don't know, I made this order back in February (hoping to send them out in time for March Madness) but my supplier had problems finding the right pattern (similar to Charlie Harper's shirts on the TV show, "Two and a Half Men") and then gave me the runaround for months. I know, I know, I should have canceled after a month or two and found another supplier...but I didn't, so here we are.

    So, if you remember winning a contest and never receiving a shirt, please private message me here with your mailing address, SHIRT SIZE, and the contest you won (NFL Week 5, NCAA Week 9, etc.) if you remember, so I can get caught up.

    Thanks for your patience...and especially for being part of VFV Nation.

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    I feel like I'm OWED one, but unfortunately I never WON one... this year!
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      Any chance you would sell me one since I never win? I am a good sport though.




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        Thank you Dave for the shirt! Look forward to another year of great handicapping on this site!