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  • UFC 240 Edmonton

    Cyborg/Spencer UNDER 1 1/2 rounds -190
    Spencers only chance in this fight is to take this fight to the ground. She’ll have the Canadian crowd behind her, but 80 % of Cyborg’s fights have been finished in 1 1/2 rounds or less and I don’t see that changing here.
    ***Loser*** Cyborg in unanimous decion

    Holloway -310 over Edgar
    This line has been dropping like a rock and I’m not sure why. If Hollaway didn’t lose any of his swagger in his loss to Dustin Porrier (where he moved up in weight and fought a much bigger and stronger man), he should be victorious here. Only common opponent is Jose Aldo who Holaway knocked out twice and to whom Edgar lost a very one sided decision.
    *****Winner***** unanimous decision

    GLTA on a great card north of the border.
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