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  • WEEK 1 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

    OK, out of the pool, ocean, hot tub, massage parlor that Bobby Kraft got his 'happy' on in...Summers over...IT'S SURVIVOR POOL TIME!!!!!!

    Yes, that fun time of the year where we all think we're gonna win big money by just picking an NFL team to win WITHOUT the point spread! It's so easy even a caveman, and Volo can do it right?! Well...

    Hopefully you've found your way into a pool/pools and are ready to get the party started. Many of us that make flybys on this thread are in a pool run out of San Diego that is a $110 buy in and is worth around $220K...IF you are new to the thread, and are interested in joining that pool, there is still time to get in. Private message me and I'll send you the entry into. It's totally legit, nobody believes this, especially Compass Joe, but I won $11K in it about 8-years ago, and actually got paid! NOT in Bitcoin either! I wish I had been paid that way and hung onto it, but I just would blown it on stalking...I mean trying to meet my next ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Hurley. She's gonna give in this year...I know it! I pretend not to see the restraining order papers I've been sent...

    So...This first week is the time I climb up on top of Mt. Rainier to see if the Survivor God's have any news for me...This time besides getting effing frostbite on my nuggets, they said CLEV is OVER-HYPED and be careful of those blokes as their bigmouth QB has been spouting off a little too much, and now has a little target on his little head. I'm sure they'll get some wins, Hugh Jackson is gone!

    I also give my loose advice that nobody should listen to, and some do's and don'ts in picking teams...So just skip down the page a bit if you've heard this before....HEY! NOT EVERYONE!!!!

    SAVING TEAMS...There are a number of people that like to 'save' teams for the end of the season, so they are in good shape to get to Week 17, and a cut of the pie, or into a playoff format your pool might have. I SAY BALDERDASH!!!! (Spellcheck actually had that word in there!) My thinking that EVERYONE should follow but never does (LOL) is that I feel you gotta do anything you can do to get to December, where pools could actually end, or be cut down to some low numbers where possibly some money might get split up. I get the saving idea, but if you're saving PHILLY for Week 15 because they are playing a perceived cupcake, but Wentz goes down in Week 10, you probably just wasted a pick on a good team that you could have used in the first month or two. When you have 2000, and up to 10,000 players that are in one of my pools, I think you are just trying to stay off the big favorites, and find a way to get through the first three-months anyway you can. The last few years after being knocked out, I kept playing in my make-believe world where I play the guitar like Clapton, look like DiCaprio, and can eat all the chocolate cake and pizza I want without gaining a pound...I also found that there is always a few teams you never thought of picking early in the season that show signs of life towards the end, and are viable, albeit, gut-wrenching picks that you can get by with. It's all a crapshoot right? If saving is your thing, go for it! I won't whip you with a wet noodle, but I hope Lizzy brings a big bowl of them to my house and starts in on me! :-) --- The flipside to that, is some of us are in a pool with 10,000+ players in it where starting Week 12, and depending on how many people are left, you have to start making TWO PICKS as the host doesn't want a lot of winners at the end of it all. He's an evil man, but there is over 1-Million in the pot! SAVING a few teams might be a prudent move in that pool, as it will go to Week 17 for sure.

    DIVISION GAMES...I'd rather be on a road team, than on a division game. Just in my years as a Seachicken fan I've seen many a close game or upset vs. teams that the chickens were favored over by a decent margin. Division teams know each other pretty damn well, and the underdog usually wants to get keep their favored brother from getting to the playoffs if they can, and will generally bring something extra, even if they are seeming a diaper-fire of a team and have nothing to look forward to each week but a January vacation somewhere. ARI seems like they are one of those teams this year, even with little Kylar at QB...Their offensive line sucks, and they haven't looked like much in the preseason, BUT, I will not rest easy when SEA plays them. There are many more examples like that, but possibly if a starting QB goes down on a crappy division team the week of a game vs. a good team, there might be that window to go for it. Just tread carefully.

    ROAD GAMES...I try to stay on home teams whenever I can, as I think a favorite going on the road can make the home team get fired up and play a little harder knowing they are getting dissed by the oddsmakers and have something to prove...Doesn't mean they are gonna prove anything, BUT, it's just a little more of a chip on a shoulder for home dog. I've softened up some on taking a road team, when I have a viable home team option, but I have two entries going in my pools so I need to expand my horizon a bit more, and going with a team like BALT Week 1 is on my radar. Just use your gut...Unless Volo made his Chef's surprise for you, then your guts might be all over the floor!

    BIIIIIIIG FAVORITES...OK, how do pools go from huge numbers in Week 1, to maybe less than 20 in Week 17...HUUUUUUGE favorites getting upset and taking out 40, and up to 60% of the players in a give week is how! Along with some other 6-7-8 pointers sprinkled in. IFFFF you've got 5-10 entries in a pool, you probably have to put a pick on a big favorite, but I wouldn't make a habit of it. Just ask all the people last season on MINN when BUFF came to town as double-digit dogs...THEY WOOFED it up on MINN in one of the bigger upsets of the season! BOOM goes the dynamite! It is one of the worst feelings to go out anytime, but it feels like your nuggets are sucking up inside your body when you lose on a BIG favorite knowing 50% or more of the pool did too! I'm not saying don't be on a 5-6-7 point favorite, and just find 3-point faves to pick, but being on the giant point spreads attract the flock like bugs to a light, King Cotton to a bar stool, Volo to a racetrack, or Mtheller to a Bama Nation Championship game!

    DOUBLING UP...If you've got multiple picks, and think there is a tough week out there where hardly any teams look good to you except for the one big favorite...You might think putting most, if not all your picks on them thinking you'll cruise on through to the next week easy-peasy, DON'T DO IT!!!! I've seen people from two, to 20 entries put both, or up to half of their picks when they have 10 or more on one team, and then it blows up in their faces! Try to spread it around if you have multiple picks, even if some are a little smelly, having one team cost you most or all of your picks is not a wise move IMHO...You might quit breathing for a bit when you realize there is NO miracle comeback for that team, and you just kissed away hundreds by one team losing. OUCH!

    I like to be on home teams when possible, but that isn't always a guarantee either...SEA hosts CINN in Week 1...I really think SEA will win, but THERE ARE NO LOCKS IN THE NFL!!!!! NONE!

    IF there was a magic set of rules or formula to all this, we would have 70% of the pool players left in Week 17, but we usually have about 1% left...The football bounces funny, a kicker doinks a chip shot to win, a Ref somehow doesn't see a pro-wrestling take down of a WR late in the game (Saints, do you feel me?), or a staring QB going down in the first half...So many things can take all the homework you did on a pick, and just throw it in a blender set on puree...What is the new throw a flag on PI calls gonna do now? Anything? Nothing? Who kows!

    Do whatever works for you, and know you'll have some cardiac arrest inducing games if you somehow make it to Week 17...Have that blender near you so you can put the tequila and ice in it at a moments notice! Near death experiences happen to everyone that gets through Week 17. You CAN BET ON THAT!!!!

    I'll throw out my list of games and worthless notes on them on Monday.

    The title says conversation, where we all chime in on the teams we like or don't like and give a little info why...Not just "I'm going on on NE cuz HOU sucks"...Point out some stats/trends on teams, an injury that might affect the game. We all have a team or two we follow closer than others, and can help other players be aware of reasons to go, or not go on a certain team based off that info. You're not hurting your chances in a pool by doling out some good info that helps us all, the chances of you, and anyone else on this thread being in the same pool, and both in it at the end are slim or none. I hope we get a number of VFVers to the end of Adam's pool...Then maybe you make a decision to not give your pick out publicly in the playoffs, but you'll be chopping the pot at the point and it won't be that big of deal...Plus, if you are are a good enough picker to get to Week 17 or beyond, you won't be following anyone else anyway!

    Let's make some money boys!!!!

    If you are in a pool that is open to outsiders, speak up as some on here might be looking to be in a few extra pools to spread out the stress!!!

    Let the guessing begin!
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    Always enjoy your unique, informative and extremely entertaining missives Seahawk. A website I came across offers some interesting info----visit Good luck to you all this season!


    • Seahawk Rick
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      Welcome back Davey! I forgot to put that link up in my initial post, thanks for doing that. I usually post the top 10 consensus picks from it a few times a week. It gives a pretty good idea of what teams are attracting the most attention from the three big online pools it shows.

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    Simple logic here....I am playing the team who plays Miami every week. Therefore its Baltimore week 1.......


    • Seahawk Rick
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      LOL! Yes, the fish seem to be the bait to draw many a survivor player this week and year. CLEVE used to fit this role, but seems we have a new piece of garbage to kick around this season. Can they go 0-16 is the question...

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    You know it’s football season when the Survivor thread gets posted. One of my favorite columns - thanks for putting in all the work to post it each week Rick.

    Your Seachickens scare me a bit this week with 25% of the picks on them. Might need to lean Baltimore but hate being on a road team. Chargers are another choice - Rivers owes me after blowing the week 11 game last year to end my run in Adam’s pool. Grab the Tums, here we go!!


    • Seahawk Rick
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      Deno, I'm glad you like the thread, and I like that you have realllllly LOW standards! LOL!!!

      Yes, I always say I'm going to stay off big favorites if at all possible, but I'm not going on a 2-point favorite just to keep off a team that has a good number of players on it, just in case they get upset. I feel really good about SEA, BUT, I don't want to be on a team with 30-40% of the picks. I like BALT too, but it seems many like BALT too...At some point you gotta pick a team(s) and just be confident in your choice. We gotta jump in the water by Saturday, so look around and see if something else comes up on the radar.

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    I think I would go with either PHI or NO in Week 1. The best race to watch this season, may be to see which HC gets shit canned first, Gruden or O'Brien. If I really wanted to get rid of a team early off my list, it would be NE. I really think PIT is a true dumpster fire.


    • Seahawk Rick
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      Well I'm sure not buzzed off the 6-pack you sent me for the Rose Bowl bet! Oh, wait a minute...LOL!!!!!

    • gcotton
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      Ouch!! That hurt...but thanks for the reminder!

    • Seahawk Rick
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      Just buy the beers when you come out her for an ATL/SEA playoff game this season! Hey, it COULD happen! I don't care if it's a wildcard game!

  • #6 Monday peek at who players are gravitating towards...

    Looks like the top four-teams all make sense...CLEVE has all the hype so they'll get interest early. The rest of the top-10 have good teams, but NYJ is interesting. They are at home, but a division game.

    I'll update this here a few times, but you can also go to which has a nice tool for the 'savers' out there to take a look at.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	sgridw1_1.JPG
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      My two spread bets this week will be Bills and Pittsburgh.I also took Bills over 7 wins.For Survivor Pool looking at Baltimore and hate to say it but Seattle.You are not suppose to take top team but if not Seahawks back to Chargers.Miami will not go 0-16 but I bet them under 4 1/2 wins.Take what you read in papers and times it by 2.
      They will be good someday and at 84 hope I am alive to see it.If I go against our leaders advice,Seattle Rick,May take Baltimore on all tickets.
      Miami got its gift today as Hurricane pasted us.Very scary last few days.
      On a roll with LMM going 3-3 with top picks and only rooting for ND and not laying 19.My Grandson is a freshman this year and will only root and not bet on them.
      GL to all and let’s get off to a good start.


      • Seahawk Rick
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        Volo, I think you mean you are 3-0 in your college bets...At least that's what I thought you told me the other day. Maybe you mean 3-for-3?! I hope that is the number! Garlic milkshakes all around!

        I beg you to not put all of your survivor picks on the same team...Maybe the hurricane and the humidity has fried your circuits! LOL!

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      If it’s September that means two things—Mariners totally out of contention- and the Survivor pool column brought to you by Mr. Rick, a legend in his own mind.

      Thank you for doing this – I look forward to the terrific ideas on the site always and this thread just gets better every year- wish my picks did too!
      Agree wholeheartedly with the rules, don’t always follow them but agree with all especially stay off big faves and saving teams for later picks. My idea is to try and get to next week which is hard enough for me.

      With that in mind- my week 1 is NE over Pitt—at home at Gillette. Pitt hasn’t won there since 2008, and Belly check spends every waking moment of his life planning how to win.

      Not saying cover- saying win—I find switching hats that way the hardest ---
      Anyway, best of fortune to all this year and please somebody win some dough!!

      P.S.—WANTED to mention one rule Rick missed which may be most important---PUT IN A PIC EARLY IN THE WEEK – you can always change it later- but as you know—if no pick you are out and how dumb is that??


      • Seahawk Rick
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        I'm a legend!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!! I don't care if it's JUST in my mind!!!!

        You were a bit redundant Joe, as the M's are ALWAYS out of playoff contention! The management said they's suck this year, and most likely next, and they aren't disappointing us! I'd go to an XFL game over those jokers!

        Can't fault you for going on NE...PITT finds a way to make you think they can hang with NE, but don't seem to ever do it there.

        I wrote the REMINDER on getting a pick in the system early down below before I saw your post...Semi-unconscious minds think alike!

        Let's split some dough this year...And I don't mean pizza dough!

      • Mrvolo
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        Pitt has been quite so far this year and at plus6 money has shown for them.Big Ben is on his last year or so but feels he has to take a backseat to TB.What a way for Pitt to start the year.I would not be surprised if Steelers win outright.I already took the 6.NE by 1-5 and we both win GL

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      It's so early to really know everything about every team with free agency, and drafts flipping teams around like WWF guys and folding chairs!

      I think we all have a pretty good idea of the top 10 or so teams, but then figuring out if some of the average teams are gonna step up with some new players and coaches helping them up the ladder a few rungs. The point spreads are probably bigger on the faves by a few points just on reputation from last year, but all we need is a win by 1, or 41.

      Here's a quick, and fairly unresearched look at the games this week, and some of the possible teams to put on the radar. I claim no responsibility if you go on a team I like and they lose! BUT, I will take all the credit and pizza gift cards you want to send me if they win! ;-)

      PLEASE CHIME IN on any games you want to, and a little info on why or why not you like a team/game. It helps US ALL!

      ON THE RADAR...

      CINN @ SEA...Hard to not like the chickens here as they just helped their pass rush a ton with the signing of Clowney. They have a pretty good front 7 and should get better as the season and a few players return from injury and suspension. The offense is solid, and if DK Metcalf evolves at WR, they have a legit deep and redzone threat they didn't have for a long time. I don't know that much about CINN, but when AJ Green is out, it never helps, especially in a loud stadium. I'm not taking them because I'm going to try my best to not be on the ultra-popular picks this season. SEA might get 30% of the picks in your pool this week.

      WASH @ PHILLY...What's not to like in PHILLY? Wentz is healthy, and if he's knocked the rust off in the preseason, he'll help them be productive. He's got to prove it, but WASH is still trying to figure out which way is up on getting better as a team. It's a division game, so I'm off it, but tough to see PHILLY blowing it Week 1 to a division rival.

      HOU @ NO...NO got the screw-job from the refs last year like they were a $20 dollar hooker vs the Lambs...That was a really good team, and they bring a lot of back this season. Brees...What about that arm that starting sucking last season? He looked great in his ONE series in preseason. NO might be going to the Peyton Manning offense this season where the long ball will be a 15-yarder! HOU was a playoff team, but gave away Clowney to the chickens, but did score a good offensive left tackle to help protect Watson. They got Stills for him to throw to, so maybe they just go KC, and outscore everyone with a weaker defense than they've had. If this was in HOU, I might not like NO, but at home I give them a solid edge, but not like PHILLY and SEA.

      BALT @ MIA...Seems like I've read a lot of toxic talk coming out of fishville, and that can't help things when you are trading good players away. Fitzmagic at the helm to get things going, and the BALT D has a number of new faces to go against. I think this is more a pick against MIA, but Harbaugh usually has his guys ready to play...Gonna be about 90-degrees which might play into it some for BALT. They look to be one of my picks.

      NYG @ DAL...As I write this, all the parties in the Zek dealings are flying to DAL...I would bet 100 of Compass Joe's dollars that he'll be on the field come Sunday with a big fat walled to use as a thigh pad. They are a good team, and if Dak can improve, they are playoff bound once again. NYG always seems to give them at game at Jerry World, but I think with the whole band back together, including Whitten, they will be pumped up come Sunday. I'm not on DAL as it's a division game, but they seem be getting all the puzzle pieces in place for game 1.

      INDY @ LAC...No Luck, but they bring many players from a playoff team to LAC to play the team that can get to the playoffs, but chokes. Brissett has a better team around him than he had when he was the starter before, and that should give them a shot. LAC was 12-4 last year, and should pick up on that to get things started. Not a gimmine, but like one of my JINX teams to defend the home turf...I guess it's a pitch since it's an effing soccer stadium!

      KC @ JAX...Hard to bet against a team that should have been in the SB if the phantom roughing the passer call isn't made vs. NE. Mahomes is money, and the KC D should actually stop some people more often with the addition of Frank Clark on D-line and a few others. Foles will help JAX, and Josh Allen looks to help the D, but I haven't really heard that they made giant leaps in the offseason to be able to keep up with a team like KC. It's a roadie, but one to think about. They'd be the top pick of they were in KC most likely.

      THE REST...

      GB @ CHI...We can't take them in Adam's pool. CHI seems to be a popular pick to go deep in the playoffs. Rodgers gets a new coach...Should be a good opening nighter as long as CHI doesn't have Mr. Doink kicking for them!

      ATL @ MINN...I can never count ATL out as an offense, and this could be a pretty good game in the greenhouse.

      BUFF @ NYJ...Division game I could care less about. I'd rather binge watch the Golden Girls.

      SF @ TB...On the road, but a late game so body clock isn't a factor. Jimmy GQ is the question...TB is not great shakes but it's gonna be HOT and HUMID...Jimmy's makeup might run into his eyes!

      TENN @ CLEVE...Mighty Mouth needs to bring it as the bettors are pouring SB bets on them like Cotton makes it rain in the strp clubs he goes to back in O-H-10. I'd love to see CLEVE win a SB, but I think they got a ways to go yet. They might be caught up in the hype and forget they have to play the games.

      LAR @ CAR...Early body clock game for the defending SB losers...Hangover? Who knows...They didn't play starters most all the preseason so they'll be well rested if nothing else. Cammy boy is supposed to play, but he's turning into a glass doll.

      DET @ ARI...Oh my, what a marquee match up! I think I'll watch a YouTube video on how to take my gall bladder out, and then put it back in to stay awake for this one. Kyler is the chosen one, so we'll see if being an underdog to the kitties gets them excited...You know you are at the bottom of the outhouse when you are a dog to DET at home!

      PITT @ NE...NE at home is always tough, and Bobby Kraft will stay in the NE area to get his massages before this one I hear, but is PITT all that bad? They have good WR's, and Ben the rapist doesn't look to have lost much in his old age. Darth Belichick always has a plan though. This could be an on the radar play, but I just have a hard time thinking PITT can keep sucking in NE, but suck they probably will vs. the Masters of the universe.

      DEN @ OAK...We'll see if AB can light a fuse under these pirates, and if Carr can hit him with passes. Hard Knocks didn't show us crap about how good they might be...Knock on wood if you're with me! DEN and Flacco probably have a better offense then the last few seasons, and if their usually good D will show up again to give them some help to stay close they might be respectable. It's really just worth seeing Gruden's facial expression to spend time watching this this lackluster game.

      I've got two picks in two pools. My early leans are BALT and LAC...But will ponder the matchups as my picks don't need to be in until Saturday.

      REMINDER that I didn't put up top...It's a GREAT idea to put a team on Monday, just so you have something in the system in case you get some kind of brain-eating bacteria later in the week, or just have some bad meatloaf and are tied to the toilet for a day or two on Saturday, and forget to put a pick in. In the one pool many of us are in, there are around 5-6 weeks where people get eliminated from the pool without firing a shot! DON'T be 'MISSED DEADLINE' guy!!!!!!

      Part 2 is if you change a pick a time or two during the week, ALWAYS check on deadline day to check one more time who you have in the system. Some idiot on this thread has done it a couple of times over the yeas, once it hurt me...I mean the idiot on the thread that did it, and another time it actually helped me, BUT, just do a discount double check on your picks Thursday or whenever your deadlines are. You don't always get a reminder from your pool host.

      Thant's it! Rip this garbage apart, and spew out your own nonsense on what you think some good teams are to get on!!!
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      • #10 for Wednesday...

        Some changes with a few teams getting a little more love...BALT went up the most with 1%

        Click image for larger version

Name:	sgw1_2.JPG
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          Davey Shines is running a Survivor Pool Rollover thread where some of us are starting with $100 wager(s) and picking ML NFL games and rolling over any winnings to the next week...Check it out, or better yet, join us in this Survivor type of play where you can take any team AS MUCH AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT! I flamed out on both my bets last year up around the $1000 mark, but if I can manage to do that again I'll get some off the table this time so I can start over if I lose both starting stakes.

          Week 1

          CHI -170 -- $100 -- Payout is $60
          KC -175 -- $100 -- Payout is $57
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          • Seahawk Rick
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            One of my jinx teams showed me once again why they are a jinx team...No reason to throw to the endzone with all the time they had left. Ugh.

          • rockman in pa
            rockman in pa commented
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            I didn't understand the Bears play calling at all. Why were they trying to score so fast and get Rodgers a chance to win the
            game with about a full two minutes to go? I can't complain too much since I did have GB. But unless that type of silly play calling is corrected it may make Bears a go against team down the road. (ala Andy "What Time Management Problems" Reed.)

          • Seahawk Rick
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            Agree...Michaels and Collingsworth weren't even saying anything about it either. You don't want to give Rodgers time to come down for a FG, but they were. There were at least two packers in the area on that pass, maybe a third, worst case just throw it away. Easy to see it was a dumb pick by me! I thought they'd slow GB down, but also thought they'd put up 17 points or more...
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          The more things change Department--

          After careful due dilligence ( mostly reading all kinds of opinions including Mr Volo's and Rick's)
          and realizing that part of the FUN in this endevor is questioning yourself 75 times before you make your final - can't go back- selection--
          I hearby announce that I am OFF NE and now on N.O Saints vs Houston

          here's why-
          know when in baseball an Ump calls a strike- knows he was wrong then gives that guy a free pass? Know how when a line judge blows a call and then kinda gives that team a free one or good spot next time, to kind of make up for their error?

          Well, I think NO are going to get a lot of calls their way this year - and for good reason-
          the one that was not called in the playoffs --
          My opinion-- we shall see

          Again good luck guys--


          • Mrvolo
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            Good switch.I saw a interview withTB yesterday and he looks as old as I am.My two big wagers this week are Bills and Pitt and May also make a small ML parlay.My plays in pools will be Baltimore and hate to say it Seattle.I like when Thursday is cut off so I can stop thinking about Survivor picks.GL and on to week 2

          • Seahawk Rick
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            You only question yourself 75-times before you make a final call on a team? WOW! Teach me that lesson please!!!

            I agree with the conspiracy theory you are throwing out there that the NFL will put NO into the SB somehow if they can...I'll bet you my tin foil hat to boot! I don't want yours because you probably have and NY drawn on it with glitter...

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          Always enjoy this thread of endless babbling by Seahawk Rick, it helps me get my required reading in for the week lol. Last night’s game highlighted another important point for early survivor weeks, and that is teams with a ton of changes over the offseason. Nobody knew how the Packers would look with a new coach and an abundance of new defensive players. New coach didn’t help the offense much, albeit against arguably the best defense in football, but the defensive additions looked great. I like Dallas and Philly a lot at this point, but we just saw a home team get upset by a division rival. Ironic that I lead with poking Rick about rambling and here I am.


          • Seahawk Rick
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            I get paid BIG MONEY to ramble and babble on this site! Ifffff I got paid by the word, I'd be rich! Dave might pay me to stay off the site, that's the only way I'm getting any dough!

            Yes, a crap sandwich of an opener. I really thought GB would have issues, and 10-points is having issues. BUT, CHI had MORE issues...With all the sewage filled drives by CHI, they still had a chance to tie it, but wanted to go for it all on one pass...They had GB on their heels, but didn't stay with what got them there. Ugh.

            44 went out in the Million dollar pot pool some of us are in...Only another 10,000 need to go out to do a chop of some of the cash!! LOL!
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          I must be the only one considering Cleveland this week.

          I'm not as high on them for the season as many others, not yet buying into the hype. I'm also nervous they may take a bit to gel on offense. But this D is good, too. The Titans don't have much going for them. The Browns D may be stifling enough that it won't matter if the offense isn't yet firing on all cylinders.

          There's not a spot I could see myself using the Browns for a long time this season, so why not now?

          The obvious choices are Seattle and Philly, but everyone is on them. Philly a division game. Enough for me to cross those off the list. Sure, Miami sucks, making the Ravens a good choice, too. But it's a road team. In Miami. In September. Baltimore defense is good, but who is sold on this offense? I'm not. Wouldn't be the craziest thing if the home dog pulled an upset. 10-6 Miami? Not predicting it, just throwing it out there.

          Saints are notoriously slow starters. Sure, they're seven point favorites, but should they be? This line might be too high. The Texans offense is legit, and with Tunsil on the OL, they should be even better. You want to bet against JJ Watt? I don't.


          • Seahawk Rick
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            Great comments Myumbrela...The hype is big with CLEVE, but maybe they take the next step this year. I just want to see one game before I go on them, but why not take a shot vs. an average team in TENN.

            I get the heat thing in Florida, but I'll be on two road teams in BALT and KC this week...I'd be more surprised if BALT got upset than KC, but they both could!

            Good luck!

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          Got five picks in two pools: not doubling up - Phil, Dallas, NO, Seattle and against all my rules Baltimore. GL all


          • Seahawk Rick
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            Welcome back Steam! Good luck, and nice job NOT doubling up! Tough to find 5-teams, but this week on paper seems to have some good home faves that are up against so-so teams. I'll be on BALT with you.