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    I'm going BALT and KC...

    As I said up above, I've softened my stance on taking road teams when there seems to be home teams that are useable, but I'm also trying to stay off the big favorites. I'll probably get too cute for my own good and get bounced out with two upsets right off the bat, but that's better than going out in Week 17!

    MIA is a diaper fire it seems, and they have gotten rid of a number of good players. Only 22-players left from last season's roster. 14 have joined in the last 10-days...How the hell do you find any cohesion with that combination?! BALT isn't great, but Earl Thomas is on that defense now, and that guy can shore up a secondary in a hurry. They lost good defenders too from last season, but they still have a lot of people left from their playoff team. Jackson at QB is the wild card, but a year under his belt should help him out. The heat is a concern, but hoping they do the ice bucket challenge on the sidelines a ton!

    JAX with Foles is a better offense no matter what...I think KC has improved their swiss cheese defense with signing guys like Frank Clark on the D-line from my Seachickens. KC's offense averaged 35-points a game last year, and JAX did well to hold Mahomes to no TD passes, but they got blown out at Arrowhead. I'll take the dragster offense, and hope the KC D has improved enough to keep the KC offense on the field more.

    Two roadies...I'll pray to the Survivor God's extra Sunday morning!!!!!!!
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      I am going with Baltimore and Seattle.Will root for KC but that game smells.Line is moving down and KC looks toooo easyyyy.

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    And now...What you've all been waiting for...The photo, not my pick!

    The Fantasy Survivor Liz Hurley Pick of the Week issssssssssssssssss...


    Yeah, it's a roadie, but Lizzzzy loves a good road trip to Florida, as she's got a gated house there, and guard dogs that are really fast! How do I know this? Well...Some things the police just don't need to know about OK?!

    It's as much a pick against MIA who are a shoe-in to be on Hard Knocks next season as they've got a revolving door of players spinning so fast that it helps cool down the whole practice facility! MIA is having a garage sale, and let their starting offensive left tackle and WR go they are not looking for many wins this season as they want to tank for a draft pick it looks like. Fitzmagic is gonna want to make himself disappear after a few games once he sees what he doesn't have around him talent wise. He'll have to introduce himself to all the new players when he's in the huddle! Lamar Jackson can run, and if he doesn't get heat-stroke, he'll cause the fish defense to cramp up like my brain did in high school algebra class! BALT D lost some good players, but have Earl Thomas to help shut down the passing game.

    WEEK 1: BALT

    I do know that Lizzy and I would had up to perfection! Well, she's perfect, and I'm a zero, so that's how that math works out!

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      You must be buzzing instead of kissing her in her ear.Lets make 3 for Baltimore.

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    Adam's Pool Picks Week 1

    I forgot to do this Saturday night as I was glued to a 2 and half hour rain/thunderstorm delay in my UW Husky game! Then I stay up until 1:40am to see them lose...Good times!

    Click image for larger version

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      Week 2 thread now open...