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2019 NFL P.O.W. Contest Week #2 (Sept 12-16) Post Selections Here

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    POW 0-1

    LA Rams -2.5 (MGM)

    The revenge spot for the Saints is making the headlines but that is overblown. Rams are the stronger team in my view. Saints traveling across country on a short week. Both games last year between these two were in the Superdome, this one is on grass where Saints have historically been less effective. Laying less than a FG is good value in my view, Rams win by 3 or more.


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      POW (1-0)
      Seattle + 4 MGM
      Limp effort for Pittsburgh last week may indicate they miss Antonio Brown more than than they realize. Seattle with Russel Wilson 18-7-3 as a dog . The Math Model has Seattle winning straight up.
      Seattle 28 Pittsburgh 23...


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        NFL POW 0-0-0 (0 points)

        Philly -1-1/2 MGM

        Philly worked out some first have kinks against Washington last week to win the game. They will be ready for a full game this week. They are the better of the two teams and the line movement shows it. Philly wins this game easily and stops any ATL attack.


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          NFL POW (1-0)

          Raiders + 7 MGM

          Chuckie is Back- My take on this game is simple, How Is the CHiefs Defense going to contain Carr and Josh Jacobs. I see the Raiders not backing down all season, I know Mahomes will get his share but I think this game comes down to a field goal. Chuckie starts the season 2-0 ATS as a dog....Take The Raiders!


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            POW 1 - 0 MGM -2.5
            Taking the RAMS here, if NO allowed HOU to score 28 pts against them how are they going to hold off the RAM attack. Also like that it is on the grass for the home team when NO plays on artifcial turf.


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              Arizona +13.5
              it took the cardinals 3 quarters to wake up and find their offense, which they did on the fourth quarter last week. I do realize this is the first road start of Murray’s Career. The Baltimore fans will be raucous. My opinion complete overreaction to the result of their game last week. Yes Baltimore will win, but in my opinion by no more than 10. Also have a home coming for Terrell Suggs and you know he wants to make Jackson and company pay for his not resigning with the Ravens. Good luck to all this weekend.


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                Eagles -1.5 Westgate

                It took the Eagles about a half to round into season form. Wentz is good for his half season, but this time he and his teammates will be more cautious since they
                have no backup to speak of. I just never have been a fan of matty ice cold and feel he will turn into another flacco. Falcons couldn't handle Cousins last week so
                do not expect them to handle Wentz to Watson.


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                  NFL POW (1-0-0)

                  Pittsburgh -4 (MGM MIrage)

                  Steelers were plastered last Sunday night on national TV. They will need to bounce back in front of the home fans from whom they have heard plenty.
                  The Seahawks have to fly across country and play early. Big Ben and company win this one and get the train back on the tracks. They don't want to
                  be two games own to Baltimore after Sunday.

                  "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


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                    POW 1-0-0 1 Point
                    Tampa Bay + 6 1/2 Westgate
                    Looks like there is less than a full house at game,Do not think Cam is as good as he thinks he is and TB coach is a proven top coach.TB has solid defense and will keep it close.Also there could be some bad weather.


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                      Great Call! Spot ON

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                      Nice job on recognizing a (s)Cam!!!!

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                    NFL P.O.W. (0-1)

                    Atlanta Falcons +2 CG Technology

                    I think Atlanta has had this game circled all off season. In the 2017 playoffs they were bounced from the playoffs by the eventual champion Eagles team in Philly. The next game the Falcons would play in the regular season would be the NFL kickoff game vs the Eagles in PHILLY. They lost again and lost their chance to get revenge last year, but now they get the Eagles in their house for their home opener. Falcons win and get their "revenge".


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                      NFL P.O.W. (0-1)

                      The Brownies -6.5 (TI)

                      Lot's of injures for the JETS, and Darnold will be doing a lot of napping with the Mono that will keep him out of the game. Siemain has some games under his belt, and will get all the reps, but some rust will need to be knocked of in his first game action in a long time. CLEVE stunk it up in the 2nd half vs. TENN, but they have a much better D than NYJ, and the Jets O-Line was rated 28th by Pro Football Focus. IFFF The Brownies can take advantage of that, they can find a way to ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK with a win by more than 3. They have a hell of a schedule after playing the Jets, so CLEVE knows they gotta make this one count, and get the arrow pointed in the up direction again.

                      EDIT: I always have VegasInside open in a tab, and I don't think I refreshed it when I saw the -2.5 I first had posted on CLEVE. I'll roll with them at -6.6...What the hell!
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                        NFL POW (1-0-0) YTD 1pt

                        Steelers -3.5 Westgate

                        underperforming on national tv 0-1 home team plays 1-0 team who (obvs) won but were not convincing

                        West coast team coming for early start in an inter conference battle

                        Ben 8-1 in game after 20+ pt defeat

                        Hawks vaunted secondary couldnt stop the Red Rocket now here come Big Ben

                        Motivation/situation begging for big bet

                        something like Seahawks 17 Steelers 30



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                          NFL P.O.W. 0 - 1

                          Eagles -1.5 Stations
                          Two teams going in different directions, Eagles on the rise, Atlanta beginning to leak oil. It took Philly almost two quarters to get the offense going last week as it was the first time most of the starters played in a real game. Ryan is showing signs of decline and has only two reliable receivers in Jones and Ridley. Wentz on the other hand has four solid receivers to throw to. Old man Sproles is still a dangerous weapon barring injury choose from on every play and running game is much improved..


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                            2019 NFL P.O.W. (1-0)

                            LA Chargers -1.5 (Circa)

                            As much as I wanted to pick Miami getting a billion point this week, I ultimately decided on this game. My power ratings say LAC should be favored by 4, so the value was tough for me to pass up. Factor in a trend of LAC being 5-1 SU and ATS against DET, plus the fact that Patrica couldn't coach a team to a high school state championship without peeing down his own leg. Also picked LAC in one of my survivor pools so Im all in on the Phil Rivers Express this week.


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                              NFL POW (0-1)

                              Min/GB under 43 everywhere

                              Play the under on a div hf following a 7+pt div rd win 11-3. Min threw 10 passes last game so I see run, run run. this series has gone under the last 9 meetings. I see a 21-17 score