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2019 NFL P.O.W. Contest Week #2 (Sept 12-16) Post Selections Here

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    Record 1-0

    clev/NY over 45

    I expect Cleveland to rebound offensively with the injuries The jets have defensively. Let’s not forget the dog pound defense last week giving up 43. Jets won’t score 43 but will find the end zone a few times. Cleveland can’t correct 43 points defensively in one week. I see 31-21 game. Too many injuries and subs for NYJ to keep up 4 quarters.


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      Cle -6.5 MGM

      I expect the browns to clean up a lot of their problems (almost all showing lack of discipline). The Jets are a mess this year from the top down. With the talent on the browns they should be able to pull together enough to win this by 2 TDs. The Browns get their mojo going and OBJ has a killer game, Browns 24-10.


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        POW 1-0
        Jets +6.5 Westgate

        I was waiting for this to climb to 7 but it doesn’t appear it’s going to make it, at least not on the vegasinsider page. Too big of an overreaction to Sam being out, as well as everyone thinking the Browns were going to be so great last week