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  • WEEK 2 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

    9-Points almost equaled 1200...Almost.

    That was the margin of points in the SEA/NO/LAC games, could have created one of the biggest opening week catastrophes since an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs 66-millions years ago! They didn't have survivor pools then, so this absolutely would have been worse! 1200-players could have been extinct in Adam's pool IF those close games tipped just a tiny bit the other way. That is the knife edge these pools are on...If not this week, another week for sure. BEWARE!!! (Queue scary music from Friday the 13th!) If you made it through with some of those favorites, get Compass Joe's 'Survivor Sling' cocktail recipe ready, as we'll all need a pitcher of it if we can get through Week 17. NOBODY gets paid on these things without seeing the face of the Survivor God a few times...It's like an earthquake, you know it will happen, you just don't know when. CLEVE was the only upset of note...I had a feeling they weren't ready to match the hype.


    I think we just give the Lombardi to NE right now, as they were scary good in beating PITT like a red-headed step child. After a slow start last year, they went to the SB...Now they have a fast start, and might go 19-0!.....GB and CHI have good defenses, and crap offenses, or a combo. You know GB will get it going, but Trubisky look like an Divsions III backup QB last Thursday...I'm sure things will get better, because they can't get worse......KC has the dragster offense humming again, and got the benefit of Foles going out early in the game for JAX...The Minchew kid out of Wash, St. can sling it though, but now defenses have some video of him in action...He might surprise you.....MINN ran, and ran, and ran some more with Cousins only throwing 10-passes against King Cotton's ATL boys...MINN will be dangerous, but I'm not counting out ATL yet, too many weapons......TENN goes on the road and shows the Baker Boy at CLEVE that you need more than words to win, you actually have to go out there and play the game...They have a tough first 6-games and might be out of it by the end of Oct. if they don't turn it around fast...TENN beat some good teams last season, but lost to some crap ones.......BILLY, BILLY, BILLY, BILLS! Nice comeback vs. the Jets-Jets-Jets...NE owns their division, but hunting for a WC is on the table.......OMG MIA...I think they should go with DOA as they looked like and average college team out there...Wait...An average high school team out there vs BALT. I know they want the first pick in the draft, but tanking in Sept. isn't the best way to go...0-16 isn't out of the question...They want both the perfect seasons on their resume...They were barfalicious...20-tickets for the price of one will barely get people to go to their games...VOLO can be on the 50!......WASH looked good for a quarter, and then realized they suck on the road in PHILLY.......The Lambs showed some spunk and no SB hangover by going on the road to CAR, and holding them off in the 2nd half...McCaffery is the MVP on that team, and as long as Cammy doesn't get hurt, they'll be around......Vinatieri is going to the HOF, unless votes only focus on his trip to LAC...An extra point and two FG's would have helped INDYpull the upset, but INDY made a good showing without Luck.......SEA made the Red Rifle look like he should be in the HOF himself with 400-yards of passing for CINN, but they shot themselves in the foot too many times in the 2nd half, and SEA held them to 3-points, securing the very ugly win......DAL had it all going vs. the mediocre football Giants that Compass Joe loves like a dog with a bone...DAL has the tools to give the other NFCers a run for their money come playoff time.......Jimmy GQ didn't puke on himself at TB, and the SF D stepped up and helped get the win......ARI and the little guy made a great comeback to get the tie vs. DET...The seat is already getting warm for Patricia after that melt down......HOU looked very good until they had to make one stop and used prevent defense when NO only needed 10-yards...Hell of a kick though...Watson looked great, but that O-line is gonna put him in the ICU for the season if they aren't careful...Father time Brees actually threw some balls further than 10-yards!......And the Raaaaaaaaiders...Chucky and the boys got rid of the AB baggage and looked pretty good with Carr in mid-season form....DEN can't drop balls in the endzone and expect to win, but maybe they figure some things out.

    A LOOK AT WEEK 2....The week of OVERREACTION!

    What teams with average or bad showings will bounce back, and what teams that won will come back to earth...We shall see.


    NE @ MIA...I can't think of a bigger favorite on paper in many years than this one, but here we are! AB will play, and that might be enough to keep NE interested in this scrimmage. MIA has knocked off NE in MIA a few times recently, but the chances are slim and none in this one it seems...Even an overconfident NE team should be able to get the job done. An MIA upset is on-par with Appalachian St. taking down MICH years ago. Sooooo, you're saying there's a chance?! Be my guest, I am not going on it, just because I think I've got two other options besides the big favorite.

    TB @ CAR...I like CAR in this spot on the short week and a seemingly healthy Cammy Boy...He didn't run much vs LAR, and maybe they let McCaffery do all the pounding on the ground this season. TB will show up, but will go with home team edge on 3-days rest, which has been a good formula for the most part on TNF.

    ARI @ BALT...Hard to tell how good BALT really is after playing the dead fish last week...Still, 59-points is a good sign that the offense is working, and the D did what they should have done. ARI will have 'some' confidence after getting going vs DET late, but it's an early bodyclock game for ARI, and the little guy will be facing a playoff team now on the road...Not a bad choice if you are staying off NE.

    JAX @ HOU...As we know, HOU and Watson looked very good vs NO, BUT, Watson can't keep getting creamed or it's gonna be another long season for HOU. JAX and Minchew will give them more of a game than people think as JAX was somewhat close until they fumbled down on the 20...That seemed to be the play that made them unravel. I think HOU can improve their pass protection enough to get the win, but it will be hard fought. Teams rally around new QB's and they can put in a few plays that fit Minchews skills.

    KC @ OAK...KC offense should keep it cranking at the Black Hole, but OAK and their offense had it going on vs what is supposed to be a good D of DEN's. Hard to tell if KC's D has improved all that much, but should be a good test if Carr stays sharp in this division game, which is why I won't be on it.

    THE REST...

    INDY @ TENN...2nd road game in-a-row for INDY, which never helps, and we'll see if TENN can follow up their solid effort at CLEVE...Should be a close game IMHO.

    LAC @ DET...LAC is one of my JINX teams, and even though I have gotten a win out of them recently, I never trust them, especially on the road. They have the weapons to win if DET does what they did in the 2nd half at ARI. DET is stepping up in class.

    BUFF @ NYG...Not a marquee game, but expect NYG to have a better showing in game 2 as they aren't going against the talent level of DAL this week. Elly is fighting for his starting job, so we'll see if he can rally the troops.

    DAL @ WASH...Will WASH rise to the challenge of BIG D coming to town, or just play like a tub of goo. I'm sure they'll try to bring the A-Game, but probably not enough...Could of been a 'On The Radar' pick I guess, but division team on the road takes it down a few notches for yours truly. Zek will get more carries as he works back into game-shape. DAL gets the nod.

    SF @ CINN...Interesting match up if SF can show the same D they did at TB...Jimmy GQ needs to improve against a CINN team that shoulda-coulda won at SEA in a nail-biter and will have some confidence. SF in an early bodyclock game and 2nd road in two weeks.

    SEA @ PITT...Who can bounce back from their bad performance?! PITT got beat by the bully on the block handley, and SEA doesn't match NE skill level so we'll see if Tomlin makes adjustments to score more and if Ben the rapist can shred the SEA D like Dalton did, and if SEA can take a wrench to the pass D and the O-line pass blocking...A lot to fix in a week, and a lot of IFFFF's...

    MINN @ GB...MINN looked great last week, and GB D looked good. GB off the mini-bye should look better on offense this week, but MINN D shut down Matty Ice pretty well. Rogers will be sharper off the get-go.

    NO @ LAR...This could be the game of the week with two offensive-minded coaches coming up with new ways to slice a defense up. Just sit back and watch this one.

    CHI @ DEN...I have no idea if the CHI offense has knocked all the rust off as they travel to the thin air of DEN. Both teams need a bounceback game to right the ship.

    PHILLY @ ATL...You gotta think ATL will not crap their pants as much as they did at MINN, but PHILLY will be a tough team to get well on. Up to the ATL offense to get the team on track and keep Wentz on the sidelines as much as possible.

    CLEVE @ NYJ...Two teams that got dumped Week 1...The pressure might be on CLEVE more as the hype was stratospheric, but maybe that loss wakes them up as they go under the lights in the Big Apple.

    I like CAR for sure, and will ponder my 2nd pick. I had BALT and KC last week and didn't have to stress...That can all end Thursday night!

    Throw out your picks and reasons you like them, and report any news of note that you hear of that might affect some of the games.

    Just WIN BABY!!!!!!
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    Question now is do we figure Miami to go 0-16? I say they win a game but when?Without knowing any picks this week I say 85% will have them in Adam’s pool.


    • Seahawk Rick
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      Hard to say on MIA 0-16 BUT 16-0 for NE is in play!

      Let 95% take NE this week...Helps everyone that doesn't down the road as it's one less great team they have to use.

      The guys with 10 and 20 entries are going to load up on them.

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    Dear Diary:

    As you may remember I mentioned that my Suicide pool started this past weekend, as in all other years, and as you know so well it is LOADED with stress!!

    But here’s the good news!! After my choice of New Orleans for my first week’s pick, and they SOMEHOW winning on a last second field goal, I have invented a new drink!

    It consists of 4 parts scotch, a splash of water, 3 Alka Selzer tablets for the fizz, Pepto Bismo for color and, for visual effect, two tums floating on the drinks surface. I have no name as yet for this creation, but it DOES Calm your stomach. Side effect is also beneficial: you wont have to use the bathroom for a very long time(PRO TIP: antidote is the Superman cocktail- 3 parts gin, 6 parts prune juice and you go faster than a speeding bullet)

    I’ll be back for my Week 2 pick in a few days

    Till then



    • Seahawk Rick
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      You only took a few months off your life to boot!
      It's only a matter of time before we are all using your recipie! NOBODY collects money without having a few near-death expieriences!

    • gcotton
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      This is Awesome!

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    Repeatng myself from Daveys thread
    Well in keeping with the "survivor rules"; non division home favs, the pickings are fairly slim

    Cincinnati -1.5
    LA RAMS -2.5
    Pittsburg -3.5
    on my season long forecast I only had one selection Bal

    However I'm in an ATS survivor pool with a one bye option
    I have two entries and I'm going with the Bye for one and Car based on Thursday night angle.
    The Cantor line was 6 and it's been bet up to6.5 and at that# all the money is on Car. I expect it to go to 7. However my pool line is fixed at 6.5

    I bet Car at 6.5 and will take back some TB if 7.5.
    "A missed FG is a turnover " Michael Lombardi
    “The bigger the edge, the fewer the bets we need to verify our strategy.” Jim Makos


    • Seahawk Rick
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      CAR will be one of my picks but need another that isn't NE.

    • Mrvolo
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      Why not NE?The goal in the first 6-7 weeks is to get to the next week without looking ahead.Dolphins lucky they get 30,000
      for this game.I was way off on % on NE this week.Looks like 35-40%.

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    Oh does Buffalo have Home feild vs the
    they are -2,5

    I kinda like Buff .they deserved better than just a 2 point win vs Jets. Jets looked bad. I didn't see Cleveland game
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    "A missed FG is a turnover " Michael Lombardi
    “The bigger the edge, the fewer the bets we need to verify our strategy.” Jim Makos


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      I gave you NO, PHI and NE last week.....all winners!! LMFAO!!! As for Week 2 my money would be on either Baltimore or Houston. BAL as it is the ever-popular "West Coast team coming East to play at 1pm EDT. Well, and the fact that it will be Murray's first road game and BAL looked like this years Super Bowl winners in Week 1.

      As for HOU, they really surprised me the way they played last night against NO on the road. Watson was incredible. And they now host a banged-up Jags with another rookie QB making his first road start, hell 1st start ever!


      • Seahawk Rick
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        A legend in your own mind... ;-)

        Watch out for JAX, I've seen Minchew play a lot, and the guy isn't afraid to throw as he was in the 'Air Raid' offense at WSU and had a good year. He looks like Uncle Rico, but will make you say Uncle if you give him some time in the pocket.

    • #7 1st look...

      I would have thought NE would have been up towards 50% but maybe more people than usual are trying to stay off the big favorite. Guys with multiple picks will use them for sure, but the single or double entry people might look to stay away and keep NE for another day. They could still get up towards 40% by weeks end.

      Out of the top-4, I think HOU/JAX has some upset potential...'Some'...ANYONE can get upset as we all know...Repeat after me...THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A LOCK!

      Click image for larger version  Name:	sgridw2_1.JPG Views:	15 Size:	33.1 KB ID:	8496
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        I got through breaking the division rule twice in the first week with Dallas and Philly, though I may have suffered a small stroke when the Skins went up by 17 early. I’m probably going right back to the well again with Carolina over TB and leaning Baltimore for my other pick. Also, not that it likely matters for the Pats, but will AB be allowed to play after his new allegations of following in Big Ben’s footsteps?


        • Seahawk Rick
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          Glad you made it without too much medicating needed Bucky! They were strong home team plays. I was on two roadies myself. The 'rules' are a guideline but the schedule doesn't make it all nice and neat.

          I'll be on CAR with you and still deciding on my 2nd pick....

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        Right now my picks are NE and Carolina and maybe NE on both.NE is Almost a lock and I think I would rather advance for sure and deal with future picks at a later date.


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          How was this, year after 1 game, a fast start when NE won their first game last year against the AFC 3 seed? They beat a Pitt team that didn't even make the playoffs last year and lost their #1 WR. So how can we judge them off that? NE lost their next 2 last year against a team that was in the AFCC game the year before but ended up crap and a crap lions team but damn so many people wanna give them the ring after beating a non-playoff team...


          • Seahawk Rick
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            NE was nearly flawless in an opener vs a 9-6 team from a year ago that may have gotten better this season but we won't know that for awhile....PITT isn't some ARI...MIA...WASH kind of team and to be beaten that soundly wss a testament to Lord Belllllycheck and TB. I hope NE has huge issues but after 18 years we know better than to not assume they won't be good....They are on another level.

            We'll see how it shakes out but I'm not betting against them no matter how high the line is for now just like when they went 16-0.

            KC are the only ones that stand a chance as of now but it's a lonnnnnnnnng season.

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          I can more than likely play devils advocate on anything you say which im sure you can probably do the same.

          I didnt watch much of the game Sunday night, but still, the 0-16 (from the year before) browns tied shittsburgh last year in the first game of the season and should've won if not for the shitty refs and a shiity fg kicker, when they still had "the great AB" sooooo that doesn't really tell me much about shittsburgh honestly. They may or may not actually be like those teams you mentioned 🤷‍♂️

          You're right, we won't know how good they really are for a while...possibly....

          I wouldn't bet against them myself right now but I would never lay those points on the road with the overreaction either. I think there's more than KC that stands a chance as well. Houston aint no slouch but if belicheat has more than a week against an upper middle of the pack defense hes gonna tear em up. That may be all in the AFC. The NFC and this convo will have to wait for another day tho...bedtime for me.


          • Seahawk Rick
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            It's OVERREACTION WEEK!!!! What do you want from me?! LOL!

            Hey, Tommy could get hurt and then it all goes out the window...I'm just saying they are best football team in our lifetimes, and aren't showing any signs of letting up. They want ALL the records, and seemed to be driven enough to do it. They still have to play the games though, right?! PITT could turn out to be a giant turd this season, who knows, than the NE game becomes more of an expected outcome than an aberration by PITT. I sure hope Ben the rapist and his mates barf if up THIS Sunday vs my Seachickens, who have their own issues to deal with.

            I personally don't think Watson will live through the season unless that line gets really good, really fast...He can't take that punishment and live to tell about it. Coaching there is as much an issue as anything. I'm glad they gave us Clowney!

            As for AB and NE...IFFFF he doesn't get suspended with all this trainer rape acquisitions hitting him in the head, NE will use him in ways PITT never thought of, and just adds to the machine like way they go about their business.

            I hope you get to rub it all in my face after Sunday if MIA pulls the upset of the Century!!! It will help me in my Survivor pools, and really, what else matters! LOL!
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          • Buckeyefan80
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            "It's OVERREACTION WEEK!!!! What do you want from me?! LOL!" 😂😂

            The thing with NE and why I'm not on the bandwagon of Brady being the 🐐 is because of players like Matt Cassel or Jimmy G or Jacoby Brissett. Cassel went 11-5 in Belicheats system and Brissett and Jimmy G went 3-1 during his suspension. 2 DIFFERENT QBs and they still won 3 games! I would bet that no other team in the league could start a season 3-1 with 2 different QBs. Book it!

          • Seahawk Rick
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            Some say TB is a 'system' QB...He's smart and gets the most out of his guys that he has to throw to. He is as much coach as player, and over this amount of years, it's hard to say it's ALL the system, but it's a component. Billy B created an empire, and without TB, they don't have all 6-rings...A few though most likely.

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          Get your picks in on Adam's pool or double check them if you already put them in!!!!!


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            I put enough thought to this week,I have two helpers,one says NE on both picks and the other says no NE this week so I compromised,NEand Baltimore and hope I see week 3.GLTA


            • Seahawk Rick
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              They look like good picks Mr. Florida...You don't have any hurricanes this week, so just drink one!!!

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            FYI...SF stayed in Ohio this week before CINN game.


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              Week 2 and I’m looking at Houston as my pick—
              I know Rick’s buddy is new QB for Jax but I saw Houston almost beat Drew on Monday—I think they will handle the kid.

              I was looking at Balt—but this may be let down looking ahead to KC next week, and also Ariz play’s them historically tough.
              So going with Houston, and praying I have a somewhat easier ride than last week..

              BTW as an aside Brady is 1-5 ATS laying more than 10, at Miami, and his record is 7-7 since 2004 overall—not great in Miami.
              Also—although this is a RICK REMINDER(pat.pend) I think NE and Balt have GREAT value in future- even next week for NE and will use them then.
              I am zagging, and zigging, and oh Sad News. With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person, which almost went unnoticed. Larry LaPrise, the man that wrote "The Hokey Pokey" died peacefully at the age of 83. The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin. They put his left leg in. And then the trouble started.


              • Seahawk Rick
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                Not saying HOU is a bad pick, just that JAX isn't a pushover here with the rook at QB.

                Get ready for your tummy to SHAKE IT ALL AROUND!