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A Military Tribute at the Greenbrier

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  • A Military Tribute at the Greenbrier

    I believe Senator and a few others posted weekly plays in the past. Now that NFL is going maybe a few others will hop in. I hit one on Phil a while back at 50-1 odds for a grand. A few that I’m taking a stab at this week for $20 each are:
    Niemann @ 24 to 1
    Im @ 25 to 1
    Varner III @ 55 to 1
    Landry @ 85 to 1
    Shelton @ 250 to 1

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    I usually throw $20 a tourney...haven't had any luck, still going for bombs
    Took J. Lovemark @200 - 1 this week. Great iron player but can't hit a 5 foot
    putt to save his life (so far)


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      I wish the tourney would end right now, Would be 5K in my pocket! Unlikely that the young man will hang on for 3 days but gotta love his first round.


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        Nice pick! He's young maybe he'll just keep going - good luck


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          Your going to have to start a blog....nice picking


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            Thanks Senator, still waiting on that long shot but definitely not complaining. I usually like to play a few fantasy lineups and then make my bets based off of that. So I basically steal my picks from fantasy shit I read lol