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2019 nfl p.o.w. Week #4 (sept 26-30) post plays here

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    NFL POW 2-1

    Houston -4 (Stations)

    Houston has been covering at home recently, (four of their last five) and Carolina has not been very successful on the road, despite the victory last week. I think Allen might struggle in his second start of the season, as he faces a much more daunting task in the front seven of Houston than what he saw last week in Arizona. Houston has a lot of weapons on the offensive side of the ball as well, so I will lay the wood and take Houston to beat Carolina by a touchdown or more.

    Good luck to all.


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      NFL POW 2-1-0
      Saints +2.5 William Hill

      Taking the home dog in this spot, Home crowd and Saints pass rush can pressure Dak into making a few bad decisions. Saints are better coached
      Taking my chances that the Cowboys who have beat nobody are not a deserving road favorite egainst a better coached team at the Superdome


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        POW 3-0

        Tampa Bay +9.5 (MGM)

        For some reason, this looks like a tough week to me. Think that Buc defense is starting to come around and can keep this one close against what appears to be a stagnant LA offense. Of all the games this also seems the most likely for a back door cover.
        Came across a weird trend, Sunday home favs that have Thursday road next (Rams @ Seattle) are 2-9 last 11 ats. Also in the 9 losses all of the favs were straight up losers.



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          NFL P.O.W. (1-2-0)

          Kansas City -7 (Westgate)

          Detroit just won't be able to keep up with the Chiefs offense. It's not helping matters that Stafford is nursing a bad hip - he's a tough guy but what little mobility he has is going to be strained. Detroit can run the ball but when you get behind by a couple TD's that strategy goes out the window.

          KC is 3-0 ATS this year and is averaging almost 34 points/game, meaning Detroit needs to score at least 28 - they're averaging just under 23. The backdoor cover is a concern but I think KC will be far enough ahead for that not to happen.


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            Kc -7 mgm
            I can’t say I really like anything this week. Partly bc of injuries and guys like luck retiring, there is a huge difference between the elite teams and the mediocre ones this year, and it’s mostly mediocre ones. I think Kc has shown they can beat a good ravens team, and while their defense is average at best, they put up about ten more points a game than Det, more passing yards and have beaten better teams. Should be a game they can cover.


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              Phi + 4
              Car + 4.5
              Titans + 4
              BILLS* + 7
              SAINTS* + 2.5



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                NFL P.O.W. (0-2-0)
                Denver -2.5. -110 Will Hill.
                Denver returns home to get their first win. Jax not the happiest team and Denver's defense should be enough, despite Flaco's woes.


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                  2019 NFL P.O.W. (3-0-0)

                  Miami Dolphins +15 (MGM)

                  Nobody in their right mind should ever back this Fins team - but I am. 15 point home dog in the NFL versus a historically and inexplicably average team traveling from west coast to east coast is just too much. That alone justifies the pick but when you consider the Chargers are not explosive offensively and when they find success it's long dink and dunk time consuming drives as Rivers takes play clock down every play. Will be difficult for Chargers to cover such a big number especially with back door wide open on a team that will take advantage of every singe possession to see what Josh Rosen is capable of. If the Dolphins try - which all indications appear that the effort is there then I think the Fins are tremendous value and the very least the right side - despite all the smoke around them being worst team in NFL history.


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                    2019 NFL P.O.W. (1-1-1)
                    Vikings +1.5 (MGM)
                    I wish I would’ve posted this earlier as I have Viks+3 in my pocket but I think they win outright anyway. I think the Bears have a lot of trouble scoring here & I find them to be over valued I don’t like either QB here tbh but I think Cousins can out work Trubisky with the respect the Nears will have to give to the Viks running game I think enough opportunities will open up in the air for Viks to win this 24-13


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                      NFL POW 2-1

                      Chargers/Fins Over 43.5 (Golden Nugget)

                      Quite simply I think the number is too low given Miami’s dreadful D who could surrender more than the total by themselves. Rivers gets Gordon back and the Miami D will be a good preseason-like game for him to get back to it. Rosen will score a few points on the Chargers to get us over the number. Looking for something like 35 - 13.


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                        2019 NFL P.O.W. ( 2-0-1 )

                        New England -7 ( Westgate and others )

                        We all agree that both teams haven't played much, but it's how they played them. Let's face it with the Bills vs. the Jets they got lucky as the NYJ just didn't know how to finish that game
                        so the Bills came from behind there, which is what they needed to do last week vs. the Bengals. This week they don't face a team that doesn't know how to finish.
                        Just look at the point differential between each teams games and that's all you need to know. Which is why the Bills haven't faced a Defense like they will face today.

                        The Pats have Won the last 5 meetings coverings 4 of them and if the line was 7 the last time out the Pats would have covered the spread there as well..

                        I might be wrong, but at this time I believe the Buffalo bills 3-0 record is a Mirage. Welcome to the Real World Today !
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                          Posted this on wrong thread. (Week 3 thread)...does it still count?)
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                          09-29-2019, 08:58 AM
                          NFL POW 2019 (2-1-0)

                          NE -7 Westgate, MGM Mirage

                          Boy, did I dodge a bullet! Hall of fame coach calling the defensive plays again, hall of fame quarterback, #1 defense overwhelms buffalo for the 6th straight game (last 5 games by at least 12 points per game). Buf defense good, offense not so much, relying on aging Gore. NE 35-12


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                            Yes, counts...I was just about to move your pick to this correct thread...glad you noticed.


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                              Thanks Dave . I replied to their message to me about this as well.

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                              Actually Dave, I was just going back and starting to grade this weeks plays, and AMAZINGMOM had made a play on page 3, post #33, on the Packers -3.5. So this play on the Patriots is null, and void.

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                            NFL P.O.W. (1-0-0)

                            Minnesota +1.5 (MGM)

                            I still don't think Trubisky has the weapons to make a defense like Minnesota's worry. The lack of a running game will really hurt Chicago's ability to move the chains... and on the counter, Dalvin Cook looks good this year and is going to be the difference in this one. Look for Minny to outright win this one and establish the pecking order in the division.


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                              POW 2-1
                              Vikings +1.5 (MGM)

                              Line has moved from a field goal down to 1 in some spots and I agree with that money. Defenses are a wash, and Minnesota has the better QB, RB, and pass catchers. Vikings win straight up.