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  • WEEK 4 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation


    That's my PG version of the words I had for a 'PROFESSIONAL' kicker that gets a PAT blocked, one missed, and then a game winner that Volo would have probably kicked left-footed goes wiiiiiiiiiide right. Yes, I picked them, and didn't listen to my own blather about taking anyone to get you to the next week, and watch out for new QB's and coaches in their first game. I listen to nobody, not even MYSELF! I really felt like I was on the right side, and at 28-10 was feeling pretty good. Lucky for me I was the house of horrors called Century Link watching my Seahawks get plucked by the Saints and Teddy Two-Gloves...I didn't get to see the comeback, but got to a bar in time to see someone miss a fricking chipshot to win the game, and keep me in my two survivor pools! D'oh! Two losses, with my team able to win on the last play bnoth games. Fun. Yes Aztec, just say you were right and move on...Let me tell you that a bottle of opioids and Fire ball will numb you for two days! Then Mountain Dew brings you right out of it! Not that I did any of that...Babbling and drooling. I think Compass Rose had something to do with it as he has sway over NYG and their nefarious ways.

    In my small defense in the million dollar pool where you have to start picking two-teams come Week 12 usually, the guys that cash in on that pool pick middle of the pack teams a good chunk of the season as you really need to have a few of the big dogs left in late November and December. Taking a more obvious choice in Adam's pool is now in the 20/20 hindsight box, that I am going to through in a dumpster, and then light it up!

    OK...I'm done with this, and my pools! BUT there is a 2nd chance pool that Adam will run, so I got that going for me!!!! Let's see how I eff that up! ;-)

    Other than my Bucco's losing, no giant favorites got knocked off....YET. Don't get lulled into a false sense of security that the popular teams are just gonna win, and win, and win...That's when the bomb goes off, and half the pool with it.

    Let's try and get you blokes left in Week 1 pools onto Week 5 with some winners!!!!

    ON THE RADAR.....

    LAC @ MIA...IFFFF I picked LAC here, which is one of my 'jinx' teams, LAC would LOSE! I didn't see them play at all last weekend, but they've had a lot of injuries and had it tough vs a good HOU team. 10am bodyclock game, 85 and rain in the forecast right now. Seems like even a wounded LAC team should win, but can MIA muster some sort of magic and pride to get win...Hmmmm...

    TB @ LAR...I got the heeby-jeebys just tying out 'TB'...Anyway, LAR doesn't seem to have the SB loser hangover and will be tough at home vs. a TB team that seemed to fall asleep in the 2nd half with Danny Dimes rallying his troops for the win. PLUST THE EFFING KICKER MISSING A GAME WINNER!!! Opps...I said I was done. LAR is the better team, TB has a decent defense, but I don't think it's enough to slow down LAR to get a W. LAR can't mail it in though, as TB is just good enough to be dangerous, UNLESS THEIR KICKER HAS A GAME-WINNING KICK OPPORTUNITY!!! OKKKKKKKKK...I'll stop!

    NE @ BUFF...Interesting little game here with NE at 7-point favorites on the road in BUFFville. Yes, NE should beat them, and with BUFF getting some wins, it should have NE's attention. Could this be the big upset??? Hard to believe as BUFF hasn't played any giant killers, but neither has NE. NE is on a mission, but it's hard to get up for every game when you are a medium to big favorite. Most of you have probably already taken NE, LIKE I SHOULD HAVE, but it's worth some thought if you haven't. My Spiddy senses are up on this one...

    KC @ DET...KC and NE are the AFC kings, and everyone wants to beat the kings...KC comes off a good win vs BALT, and DET beat a beat up PHILLY team, but a win on the road is worth taking note of. Hard to see KC losing this one as Mahomes is already writing his acceptance speech for the MVP award after he throws for 6,000 yards! Is there a let down, that's the only thing that will slow them down.

    OAK @ INDY...OAK on the road again with the 10am body clock thing once again...Very had to do. I'm not sure if they stayed in the EST zone or not. INDY is getting it done without Mr. Luck, and should be able to take care of Chucky and the boys. IF they went back to OAK and then flew east again, that seals it for me.

    CLEVE @ BALT...I took CLEVE in the POW pool as going on the road vs the BALT D will be a tall order to beat for the Brownies. They had a shot to beat LAR, but some interesting play calling at the end, along with the coach saying there were situations that 'were new to him' in the game kept that from happening. I don't think it's a walkover for BALT, but I think they get the W in BALT that seems to have embraced the go for two way of playing. CLEVE's offense isn't anywhere near KC's bullet train they faced last week.

    PHILLY @ GB...GB bought a pass rush, and it seems to be working! At home vs a banged up PHILLY team seems like a spot where GB can grab another win as the GB offense is gonna get better, and they have a defense to help them out. Check and see if PHILLY gets some of their wounded players back.

    SEA @ ARI...SEA barfed on themselves vs a good NO team. Somewhat flat, interesting coaching decisions, a fumble and punt returned for TD's played into the loss. ARI is a big step down in class, but SEA has really weird games at that place, and even though I expect them to bounce back, it's just hard to trust them down there, or up here vs ARI for that matter as they've beaten them a few times recently in the home nest.

    CINN @ PITT...IF you like to venture onto division games, this might be a spot for you to use PITT, that played it close on the road at SF last week. CINN just doesn't seem to be able to duplicate the offense they had vs SEA. A little dicey, but it's one to look at if you want to stay off bigger favorites. Mr. go off the beaten pack picker here would be a little queasy being on PITT, but maybe you got a feeling about it.

    My early lean would be INDY...I don't see anything saying OAK is staying back east to lessen the travel grind, but Mark Davis is too cheap to pay for hotels for a week I'm sure! Knock on wood if you're with me!

    Throw out some other teams you like, and comment on any of these games if you have feelings either way! Pick a team with a GOOD KICKER!!!!!!!!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!! Get some teams in the system now so you aren't MISSED DEADLINE guy!
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  • #2 Tuesday....

    LAC getting lots of love vs MIA...Could it become the first nuke of the season????

    The other LA team gets the rest of the love vs TB...Effing kicker...Rumble, grumble...

    Click image for larger version

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      First I felt for our Leader Sunday when TB went down.He adds a lot of info here and is a true pro to continue this help.I am alive in 5 pools
      with 3 being small so I will keep my ideas here on Adam’s and Million$ Pools.In Million I guess I will be on LAR and right now take 2 out of 3,LAR,LAC and Colts in Adams.I mapped out full 17 weeks and have against Miami in all but maybe 4.


      • Seahawk Rick
        Seahawk Rick commented
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        Thanks Volo! I'll stick it out until I feel nobody is coming to the thread. Not many people have been chiming in, but whatever works! I'll be back for Adam's 2nd chance pool to get some salvation!!!!!!!

        Good luck with your picks, and let us know your final selections.

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      Comes down to Indy or LAC for me. With Chargers losing last week I think Miami gets their full attention so don’t see a way for the nuke to happen. That’s when it happens though so still undecided.


      • Seahawk Rick
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        LAC on the road, and INDY at home is the only real difference...Good luck with whomever you pick!

        TY Hilton for INDY is the question mark...I'm not sure if he'll play or not.
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      • Bucky
        Bucky commented
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        Good info as always Rick. I think I’ve gotta go Chargers. Plus Indy has Miami in a few weeks.

      • Seahawk Rick
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        Good move on LAC Bucky...Keep her going!

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      In Adams pool I am taking LAR and LAC.In big pool I took LAR.A nuke is coming.Lets hope it is next week.


      • Seahawk Rick
        Seahawk Rick commented
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        Just win baby,,,

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      Interesting nugget I just read that pertains to lambs this week. Copy and paste:
      Backing home favorites in the first five weeks of the season, prior to playing a road game on Thursday Night Football
      (2-9 ATS and SU last three years)

      Simply put, when teams are laying chalk at home the Sunday prior, and then have a quick turnaround WITH travel for TNF, it's those Sunday games that tend to get glossed over. Not only are home favorites in that role 2-9 against the number, but ALL NINE ATS losses have been outright losers as well. That's really quite shocking when you step back and think about it.

      It's not like they are loaded with losses by two or three-point home favorites either. Last year we saw Minnesota lose to Buffalo (27-6) laying 16.5 points prior to a road TNF game, and even the great New England Patriots fell victim to this trend back in 2017 when they lost at home to Carolina (33-30) as nine-point home chalk.

      I am a trend player, but was leery of the lambs this week even before seeing this. Bad karma going against bucs this week after they let down SR last week. Tampa just pesky enough as a dog to hang around in this game, if that's the case who knows? One thing I do know, legatron will not miss from 34 yards, nor will McVay take a delay of game penalty to push the kick back! Good luck to all.


      • Seahawk Rick
        Seahawk Rick commented
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        I agree...LAR hasn't looked overwhelming in their wins and TB is good enough to give them a game with solid defense and enough offense to make a game of it....If they make their kicks!!!!! 😁

      • Mrvolo
        Mrvolo commented
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        Good point A10.I am now reconsidering my 2 LAR picks.Also a friend of mine would pick the wrong side even if he had tomorrow’s paper took Rams as his lone pick in his SP.Will post my final play latter.

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      Rick- don’t even think of stopping thread—we all have been KO’ed sooner or later—and 2nd chance coming.

      This week it’s interesting- imagine all the 1st time pool players counting their dough thinking how simple this all is. We veterans know the hard cold truth.

      This week, after finally getting the kind of game I wanted with NE I’m in the usual quandary.

      I like KC- LIKE Indy- like Balt but used them.

      Going Indy vs Oakland—who were on road last week at Minny, on road this week, and then gets to go to London.

      Colts played well against Atlanta—I’m using them here.

      Best choice for me anyway- off both LA teams

      Best to all this week.


      • Seahawk Rick
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        I like INDY as one of my rollover bet options and will decide tonight between them and BALT which are both at similar ML odds. I like SEA too in bounce back roll, but they've had issues with ARI.

        The travel is brutal and takes its toll along with the 10am body clock thing and OAK hasn't shown much so far.

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      Final picks,in Adams pool LAC and Colts and Colts in big pool.Would not be unhappy with a colt win and both LA teams losing.If Rams lose I owe
      Mr.A10 a Dinner At a 5⭐️Eatery.
      My 2 pro bets this week are Washington +3 and Bills +7.GL and see you in week5.


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        With my 3 entries going LAR on 1 and Indianapolis with other two.


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          Wow 18 more missed! In two weeks $4100 gifted. #SETYOURALARMS


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            Adam's Survivor 1 Pool Summary....

            LA has taken over the weeks picks with 75%!! MISSED DEADLINE has a good showing once again! HOW IN THE HELL does that happen?!?!?! Fluuuuuuuussssssshhhhhh...

            Click image for larger version

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            • Compass rose
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              Of the missed deadlines- one entry had 8 missed--
              How can you forget 8?

            • Seahawk Rick
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              Alien abduction?

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            The Fantasy Survivor Liz Hurley Pick Of The Week Isssssssss...


            Lizzzzy is not happy with my 2-2 start as she expects much more out of me, and I will deliver, or she WON'T deliver...If you know what I mean. I don't even know what I mean as she's blocked my phone number.

            I'm gonna go INDY on the home field factor, and that OAK isn't all that as now factor, and that OAK is getting enough airline miles to take a trip to London...Which they are, right after they take their 2nd long, early body clock game road trip back east! It takes a toll, and I expect to see them come out sluggish. INDY without TY Hilton is dinged by that, but they seem to be playing solid football and will gameplan to get the 'W' and keep pace in their division

            Week 1: BALT (W)
            Week 2: CAR (L)
            Week 3: TB (L)

            Week 4: INDY (L)

            Lizzzy is a bit tired of my picks the last two weeks, so she is resting up for a winner this week, annnnnnd...For me?!

            Click image for larger version  Name:	lizw4.jpg Views:	0 Size:	115.8 KB ID:	9210
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              How 'bout them pesky yucaneers😉🍻


              • Seahawk Rick
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                They win when I'm not on them, and lost when I'm on them....Then they go on the road and score at will on a Super Bowl team. They will be in the hunt when it's all over.