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.89 cent 20 team parlay, could have yielded $500k.

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  • .89 cent 20 team parlay, could have yielded $500k.

    I did not see anything posted here in the forums the past day or two concerning the person that had a chance at winning 500k had the Redskins beat the Bears on MNF. I am sure Dave could elaborate in more detail, but this is truly a remarkable story. I have a difficult time stringing a three team parlay together,,,
    A bettor missed out on turning 89 cents into $500,000 thanks to the Redskins

    The Washington Redskins were terrible at football on Monday night during their loss to the Chicago Bears.

    And that might have broken the heart of one bettor who had an incredible parlay that could have paid out had the Skins won. He played a myriad of totals and sides in order to reach 19 wins in a row.
    All he needed was the Redskins to win outright.

    Brutal result,, as the outcome was decided by halftime.

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    Heard it on the radio unreal. Hopefully he made individual plays and smaller parlays on those picks


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      At least it was the Monday night game so he would've had sufficient time to hedge properly and come out with a nice profit.


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        Never did hear if he hedged . Anybody know


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          Never heard if he hedged, but logic would say he had to lay some money on the Bears money line and and some of the actual line on the Bears, especially when he saw the line was moving against his play, I saw a post on another site that was hilarious, "If he laid $4.80 on the Bears money line, he would have doubled his original investment." LOL