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  • Sunday NFL E-A-R-T-H-Q-U-A-K-E

    In honour of the late BAGIANT and his highly successful S-H-O-C-K-W-A-V-E, I have decided (perhaps regrettably) to offer my own version. The Not For Long league is the King of Parity (or maybe Parody). The avalanche of injuries in any given week, the length of time teams have to prepare and the quantity and quality of coaching in all areas of specialization have all contributed to the phenomenon of Any Given Sunday and make this the best sport IMHO to wager your hard earned shekels on. Without further adieu, I offer (with the greatest amount of humility) my upset specials this week---all on the Money Line. Take it with a very large grain of salt! Caveat Emptor. And GL all.

    MIA +650 **L** Blowout Fish had their first lead of the year. Didn't last long. One of these weeks they will win a home game. But not next week as they head to their bye.
    BUFF +270 **L** Dirty hit takes Allen out. Might have been different with him in there through the 4th quarter. Bills had their chances. Brady looked positively average.
    WASH +140 **L** Blowout End of Chuckie's younger bro in DC?
    DET +285 **L** Mahomes magic seals the deal in Motown thriller.
    CLE +260 **W** Big win for Brownies. Have they righted the ship?
    OAK +255 **W** Big win for Chuckie's boys before they hop the pond.

    I will offer no reasons or justifications for my picks, but rest assured, that it has required hours and hours of analysis, reflection and scrutinizing to arrive at these conclusions. HaHaHaHa!!!

    Bet 6 units. Got back 7.15 units for a 1.15 unit profit. Will play until ledger shows -10 units overall.
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    Here Here, Master David Shines! And much respect for the great contributions of BAGIANT to this forum. Let's see if we can keep it going:

    Like your Wash and Oak.

    Will add Cincy+180.

    All 3 have QB mismatches going for them. Assuming Case is healthy. And if I'm remembering it right, several sharps had Pit regressing TY. Now with Ben gone who looks more like OH-and-FOUR?


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      Way to go Davey! I am with you on 4 of your six.......There is No way Miami is beating San Diego........And I have to root for my Gmen,........

      Best of Luck and lets send it in!!!!!