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2019 nfl p.o.w. Week #5 (oct 3-7) post plays here

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    POW 3-1
    Patriots first half -9 (Stations)

    Let's look at some raw numbers that kind of jump out at me. Pats have outscored opponents 66 to 3 in the first halves of all their games this year. The DC Deadskins have scored a grand total of 6 points in the first halves of their last two games, and now they face the fearsome Pats defense with no clear cut choice on their QB carousel. With no home field advantage any more, a coach just looking for a pink slip, and Tom Brady looking for a feel good day after last weeks tough outing at Buffalo, watch the Pats jump out to quick 17-20 point halftime lead and never look back.


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      NFL POW 1-3

      Seachickens / Lambs OVER 49 (Mirage)

      I wouldn't hit sawdust if I fell off of a barstool in a country bar in Waco, TX with my picking of teams to win or lose, so let's try having teams just score, and score, and score!

      SEA/LAR last year had both their games in the 60's for totals, and I don't see why that can't be the same case Thursday night. LAMBS D all of a sudden went south for the winter, and SEA pass D isn't much to write home about. Little Russell and Goff can sling it, and if SEA doesn't try to just grind it out on the ground, they can turn this into a game in the upper 20's. Might be some rain, but let the scoring rain down upon me!!!!
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        Cowboys -3 1/2 TI
        If you faded my picks every week you would be at the top of the leader board. Cowboys looked past the saints last week and have had this game circled ever since the disallowed Bryant catch up in GB.


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          NFL POW 3-1
          Buccaneers +3.5 Westgate
          The Saints O Line is struggling. The Bucs and Shaq Barret and N Suh are on a roll causing havoc. The Bucs seem like that team that Overachieves as Underdogs and then underperforms and plays sloppy against lesser opponents. I see the Saints continue to struggle offensively and the defense of the Saints which has been overachieving, will finally burst without Brees at the helm controlling the clock. The Saints hav to feel good beating the Seahawks and then a primetime defeat of the Cowboys. I see a letdown and ill nab the 3.5 with the fighting Arians!


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            NFL P.O.W. (3-1-0)

            Buffalo/Tennessee Under 39 (Mirage)

            Liked the under here before Allen was hurt, if he doesn’t play like it more.

            Two good Defenses square off –

            I’m just not seeing anything else this week- either lines two high or something. Anyway won’t force—will try a total.


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              POW 3-1-0 3 Points
              Cleveland +3 1/2 MGM
              First congratulations to all the undefeated.SF still has to show me and I hope I am right.Clev after slow start played great game against Baltimore and
              to me are at worst equal to SF and I start off 3.5 to 0.GL to all.


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                Bears -5 MGM Bears defense a slight upgrade over colts D for Oak. Also all that travel will have to catch up with the Raiders sooner or later. Bears offense in capable

                hands of backup and should have plenty to beat up om travel weary and sucky team.


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                  NFL POW 3-1

                  Min/NY Giants un 43.5 everywhere

                  my favorite under bet is on a road fav. both teams are off easy unders in their last game. Min struggling on off but the 5th best def. NY Giants struggling off also. Dont count the game against the Redskins as good off. The o-u line opened at 46 and is dropping.
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                    NFL POW 2-2

                    Denver Broncos +6.5 (Westgate)

                    Broncos are still winless, but unlike a couple other winless teams, have shown competitive fight in all their games. The Chargers have no home field edge as most of their home games have at least, if not more, fans rooting for their opponent. Most importantly, the Chargers have piled up a big list of injuries including their kicker, linemen on each side of the ball, and in their secondary and receivers. 6.5 is too many points to lay with this injury riddled team in a game that should be competitive throughout.


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                      P.O.W. 1 - 3
                      Colts +11 (Circa)
                      Chiefs are having a hard enough time covering single digit spreads and eleven seems too much to be giving the Colts. Colts have a knack for playing well before their bye week and are 8 - 0 - 1 in their last nine road pre-bye weeks. Chiefs will probably score 30 but I don't see Indy not scoring at least 21 - 24 points against a porous Chiefs defense.


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                        NFL POW (3-1-0)

                        Minnesota -5 (MGM mIrage)

                        At first glance, it appears these two teams are going in opposite directions. Giants seem to have new life while the Vikings are having issues. The Giants could be what the doctor ordered for the Vikings
                        to get well. After the QB chatter this week, the offense will be focused to pound the poor Giant defense while the Vikings (5th in defense in the NFL) can shut down the rookie QB. No doubt Zimmer has spent a considerable amount of time putting in defensive features the kid hasn't seen. The Vikings need this win badly to stay up with other teams in their division. I see Minnesota winning going away.
                        "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


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                          2019 NFL P.O.W. (2-2)

                          Cleveland Browns +4 (Will Hill)
                          I am back on the train baby!! The offense finally looked competent last week and looked like the 2018 version. Now they add Callaway and Hollywood Higgins back to it and they are about to feel very dangerous! Somehow the Niners are undefeated, but should be expecting their first loss come Monday night.


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                            NFL POW 2 - 2

                            Tenn -3 (South Point)

                            Pulling the trigger now as this is really a bet that Josh Allen doesn’t start and if that is confirmed I think the line moves above 3 and I don’t want to lay that against a very good Buffalo D. At 3 with Barkley starting, the Titans look like a cover to me.


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                              NFL POW 1-3 1pt YTD

                              Pack/Cowboys Under 47 Westgate

                              In this battle of highly touted QBs the best units are on D

                              Devonte Adams out hurts GB scoring, Cowboys run the clock down on every running play. Tyrone Smith injured gives GB pass rush every chance

                              something like Pack 17 Boys 20



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                                POW 2-2

                                Tennessee -3 (South Point)

                                I thought -3 was a fair line regardless of whether Josh Allen plays or not. Just don't see the Bills putting up many points. This will only be the 2nd home game of the year for the Titans, I forsee a good effort out of the Titans after dropping their only other home game this far. You can knock Mariota if you like but the facts are he has thrown 7 TDs with zero interceptions. Staying INT free is always important but especially so in a potential defensive battle. Might not be a sexy game to watch but Titans get it done.