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WEEK 5 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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  • WEEK 5 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation


    That was a few booms that shook through survivor pools in a big way for the first time this season...LAR, BAL and INDY went down like the Hindenburg...Sorry for the pickers that frequent this sewage ladened thread that were on any of those teams, as at least 50% of players went out on pools. Yep, the easy- drew breezy days of summer, have now gone bye-bye after the first three weeks of easy pickings...UNLESS YOU ARE ME!!!! I only find solace in the fact that I probably would have been on INDY, as I had no idea OAK would muster the energy to win a 2nd long road trip game in-a-row. Chucky must have had them knocking on redwoods all week to get them motivated to play ball, and play ball they did. LAR just looked like a college team in playing bad defense and then just throwing, throwing, throwing vs a TB team that I said was just good enough to give them a game. Maybe the SB hangover is still a possibility, as GOFF is not earning that fat contract, unless he gets bonuses to throw as many picks as td's, which total 11. CLEVE could have beat LAR last week, and then proved they are not dead yet going on the road and beating the crap out of BALT on their home turf. BALT schedule was soft up until now, and it showed. KC and NE were on the ropes and some unusual plays/turnovers kept them from big upset losses....BOTTOM LINE...NO SUCH THING AS A LOCK! Just ask the guy that mtheller pointed out down below...

    Many of you are still in a Week 1 pool, and Adam has a 2nd chance one ready to roll Week 6...Sooooo, you're saying there's a chance!

    Let's look at Week 5 and what games will give us ulcers or euphoria!


    Not many obvious choices, but we all gotta make a pick...Well...I don't, except for LIZZZZY!

    NE @ WASH...This is a road game that is probably worth considering if you have NE left. WASH put their rookie Haskins in the game, and that was a mistake, but Chucky's brother Gruden might not have a choice, or a job for much longer. NE could have easily lost to BUFF, but they didn't...Good teams have a few games like that a year, and NE usually bounces back with a strong performance after a loss, or close call. As long as they aren't super over-confident and lay an egg, they win.

    NYJ @ PHILLY...JETS off the bye, but that doesn't make them much better...They are just a rested bad team with QB issues. PHILLY has looked decent in their wins, and to be at home for this one helps a bunch. They should be getting some players healthy, and should take care of business at home. They are the #1 pick in pools, so that might have you look elsewhere.

    INDY @ KC...KC got out of Kitty-City by the skin of their tomahawks, and INDY just sucked vs an average OAK team. INDY has to bounce back hard to get a W at arrowhead, and will give maximum effort. I'll bet on the MVP QB almost every time, including this one. KC D is ranked 30th but the offense is #2, but not the brown kind!

    DEN @ LAC...LAC played down to MIA's level for a half, but got the beach sand out of their eyes long enough to take down the team that along with WASH, could be 0-16. DEN just keeps playing close games, and keeps losing close games. I have a feeling they are gonna get it together enough to find a win soon, and LAC isn't a tough team right now at 2-2.

    ATL @ HOU...ATL is just in a nightmare, and it probably continues at HOU where every team in the AFC South is 2-2 and is coming off a loss to CAR. HOU isn't showing signs of a SB team, but home-sweet-home helps. ATL has a lot of talent,and they've gotta get it going fast or there will be a coaching opening there in-season. Probably better options out there.

    MINN @ NYG...Cousins continues to steal those big paychecks, and NYG is getting some confidence as Danny Dimes is helping people go 'Eli who?' Hard to have supreme confidence in MINN as they lost at CHI. CHI D is the real deal, and Compass Roses Giants are lacking in the that department. Cousins might be able to look like a real QB vs the New Yorkers...New Jersians?

    Tougher week than most, with only one big favorite that most people don't have left to use in NE. I don't blame you for going on PHILLY vs a sub-par team. BUT, as we all know...NO LOCKS boys!

    Throw out your thoughts on who you like, and don't like, and any gut feelings you have besides the bad lasagna you had last night for dinner that you are still burping up!
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    Been so damn busy at the office, I always forget to come here and check the news. Lost another 2 entries this week, both on the Rams, but in different pools. Still have 1 left in Adam1 and will do 3 more in adam2. Got one left in another pool I have been doing for years. Could be worse though, one guy in adam1 did not enter a pick for all 8 of his entries, and another guy with 30 entries had 20 of them on the Rams and 10 of them on Indy. My early lean this week is Philly and I have set my pick in adam1 on them.


    • Seahawk Rick
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      Nice to see you are still alive and kicking!! I'm glad you're stiil alive ion one bigger pool anyway. People win money in these things every year with one entry so make it happen!

      You example is extreme with the 30 entry guy but that's why I preach to not double up on picks if you only have a few entries. In his case you probably go on the same team a few times with that many entries but holly crap, to do what he did is playing with nitro and he felt the pain....OUCH!

      Don't be a stranger!!!!

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    No miami this week, yikes


    • Buckeyefan80
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      Could always go against wash or cincy for a week filler...

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    Waiting for the rambling, but my early lean is KC. I would probably be with mtheller if i had the Eagles left but used them in week 1.


    • Seahawk Rick
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      I'll throw some garbage out there tonight...

    • Seahawk Rick
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      I think KC took the Kitties a little too lightly, and DET came at them with energy, which any team usually has against undefeated teams...A wake up call for them to be on their game vs. anyone...Even MIA! LOL! KC D is as bad as last season, but the offense probably will find it's footing back at home I'm guessing.

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    As I watched my Indy pick go up in smoke last week—I saw clearly the almost mathematical march to certain death.

    You must pick one team, and never use that team again. There are BYES involved, also each week you have one less team to choose.

    Everyone knows flipping a coin 100 times is 50-50 outcome on average. And you may flip it 17-20 times in a row and have it come up tails, or heads. Eventually though it will even out. So, you have to get 17 weeks right, using one less choice each time, and sometimes that best choice is unavailable due to Byes

    Or as Sollozo said to Tom in The Godfather: “well now , he’s dead. He’s dead, and nothing can bring him back”.

    Will pretend I’m in this week and get ready for Survivor II, The Revenge

    BTW, heard BYEWEEK was favored by 7 over the Dolphins------


    • Seahawk Rick
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      Bye Week favored...LLLLLOOOOLLL!!!

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    Had LAC and Colts so have 1 left and out of big pool.Right now taking Eagles in Adam#1.Waiting for our leaders info.


    • Seahawk Rick
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      Anyone left in a pool should be the leader! 😁

  • #7 for Tuesday...

    Not a lot of confidence from pool players past the top-3 teams...


    Some of us were in a pool with over a million-dollars worth of entries and 3,800 are left out of the 10,700 that started.

    One Guy had 20-picks on GB!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	gridw5tues.JPG Views:	1 Size:	27.4 KB ID:	9355
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      Hope this is last week I take the most picked.Going on Eagles.Just a bit of info,even though Miami is 0-4 the feeling down here is they did not give up and when that happens a win will happen.Lets get by week 5 and wait for the explosion next week.


      • Seahawk Rick
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        It's the toughest week for picking Mr. V...You can do a lot worse than PHILLY, but no team is safe as we know. You gotta pick somebody though!!!! Good luck!

        I think MIA was trying vs. LAC, but trying, and being able to win are two different things. I think they find a way to get a win or two...Someone will be as flat as flat can be against them and MIA will sneak a win in. Tough to go 0-16, but it can happen.

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      Right Rick- tough week—even the lady is gonna have a hard time- which you would like anyway….

      But If I were still in the pool, and I’ll be in one next week, I would go LA Chargers—

      Two reasons—

      Plenty used them already

      They are pretty worthless after this week anyway.

      I am happy, I can’t lose this week, like the Dolphins—kind of liberating in a way…..

      Luck to all still in Adam’s – as well as any other pool---


      • Seahawk Rick
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        LAC is a jinx team...I think DEN hangs around to cover...not sure of a win.

        I'm leaning MINN vs yr NYG boys for my rollover.

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      The Fantasy Survivor Liz Hurley Pick Of The Week Isssssssss...


      Lizzzzy says she won't speak to me if NE loses this week...Not that she's spoken to me before...Except for the 'Get the hell away from me you weirdo' comment when I was a 'little' too close to her once...So, I guess with a win, I might be able to have only walk fast in the other direction when she sees me, instead of the whole running thing...She'll give in at some point.

      WASH is barely a step up from MIA, and Gruden is on the hot 'smokey' seat right now, and NE needs to get back to their dominating ways after the BUFF near-death game last week.

      Week 1: BALT (W)
      Week 2: CAR (L)
      Week 3: TB (L)

      Week 4: INDY (L)
      Week 5: NE (W)

      Lizzzy really wants to invite me in the big tub...I just have to promise not to make my own bubbles if you know what I mean...

      Click image for larger version  Name:	liz water.JPG Views:	48 Size:	36.9 KB ID:	9446
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        MISSED DEADLINE with 7....Unfrickingbelieveable.....

        The City of Brotherly love is the king this week as expected.

        Click image for larger version

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          On to week 6 with almost everybody.Remember you heard it a week before it happens.Miami beats Washington.Will explain reasons later in week.
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            Ummmmmmmm....You forgot about KC!

            Another 26%.
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