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WEEK 6 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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  • WEEK 6 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation


    Sunday was cruising along pretty well with the big favorite survivor pick PHILLY easily winning along with NE...BUT...KC had a night game vs. INDY, and you figure KC at home is gonna play better than they did at DET, where they had every chance to lose that game, but pulled a Houdini and found a win there. INDY had some other ideas and using the man-to-man coverage model that NE did last year in the playoff game, and DET used, It worked GREAT, and Mahomes and the KC offence was held under 26 for the first time in his career! That good D, and lots of INDY FG's helped knock out 26% of Adam's pool. CHOP. The million dollar pot pool lost 30% and is down to around 2,600 out of the 10K that started. Maybe a crack in the dike with KC, but I'm sure they'll spend every waking minute trying to set up better schemes for the Man-coverage, getting Tyreek Hill back for the HOU game should help.

    CHI and LAC took a few people out, but no other major DOINKS!

    NE left as the last undefeated team along SF as I write this during the MNF game.

    It's getting more fun by the week for the Week 1 players as you've used some of the big guns already, and along with Bye-Weeks in full force, the picking gets a little more perilous...Still some good teams out there, but dipping into the 3-4-5 point favorites will become more of the norm.

    Adam's 2nd chance survivor pool gets started THIS WEEK!!!! Get you picks in there NOW, along with the big pool if you are still in it. Don't be MISSED DEADLINE DUDE!!!!!!


    NYG @ NE...NE has probably been used by most players, but another opportunity to use them here. NE has the top D still, and we know all about the O. NYG had some chances in the Red Zone to keep the MINN game close, but DC's are scheming against QB Danny 10-pennies, and the blitz's they brought rattled the lad...NE will bring the same I'm sure.

    CINN @ BALT...CINN is still CINN, and can't find any traction. Losing to ARI to stay winless is a new low, only to be eclipsed by losing to WASH or MIA. BALT held on at PITT, and should take care of business at home vs. CINN. CLEVE blew them out of the water there, but I don't think CINN has the fire power to get it done. It could be close early, but BALT should be able to get out with a win. Will be interesting to see what happens to Earl Thomas after the hit on Rudolph that had the birdies flying around his head. Scary stuff...

    DAL @ NYJ...Da Boys can't beat a good team this season, but lucky for them NYJ isn't a good team! QB Darnold has a shot to start this week if cleared from the Mono stuff...How rusty will he be?? Their offense has sucked big time ranking 31st. MIA could have a shot to beat them!

    PITT @ LAC...I don't see how Rudolph plays this week after he took a little unplanned nap on the field vs. BALT. I bet he'll eventually say he doesn't remember much as they took him off the field...He looked like me after 8-tequila shots! Hodes played decently after being thrown in the fire after the injury. Some backups have played well this season, but who knows how this kid is gonna do. Probably better to look elsewhere for your pick as new QB's are a ????

    HOU @ KC...Line on this one dropped from 8.5 to 5 fast...HOU lit it up vs a bad ATL D, and the KC D isn't much to write home about even though they looked better vs INDY making them kick a bunch of FG's to get the win. The over is a great bet here, but not so sure about being on KC until I see them find a way to handle the man-coverage. HOU won't be an easy target for the home team.

    Any others?? DET @ GB could be close with DET coming off the Bye and almost knocking off KC...GB offense looks better and better. SF @ LAR?? SF D is pretty good, and they came off the Bye looking good vs CLEVE.

    I'm leaning DAL & BALT with my two entries as of now...Toying with adding a 3rd...LAC would be the team I'd use it on right now...One of my JINX teams!!!!

    The 2nd chance pool gives you more options, so spread the wealth if you have multiple entries, and don't double up...HEAR THAT VOLO?!?!?!

    Throw your thoughts out there and let us all know who you like or don't like and why...Post any injury news that you hear of note, and let's find some winners!!!!!

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    Leaving Adam 2 to Rick.Still alive in Adam1 but have a tough week.Looks like I have 3 to choose from.KC, LAR or Minny.Need some insight.Also GB.
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    • Seahawk Rick
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      So Volo, you're asking us if you should drink the hemlock, the arsenic, or cat puke...

      I for one don't like any of them as a strong pick as MINN didn't prove anything by beating NYG...KC has been exposed on how to defend them...LAR is good, but is facing a good defense in SF along with it being a division game. Can all three of your options win? Yes...But I wouldn't be surprised if any of them lose.

      Ifffff you have any faith in KC and Coach Andy to deal with the man-to-man coverage, then they could be the pick.

      Post all the teams you've taken so far so others can chime in.

      I might take SEA over any of these teams.

      The others will chime in...

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    Baltimore,Dallas,LAC,NEandEagles.Added GB and right now leaning that way.Anyhow this is the weekend I am looking forward to.ND,USC at South Bend and I will be there.Go Irish


    • Seahawk Rick
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      ANY USC loss is a GOOD THING!!!!!

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      ATL??? Outside your comfort zone, but just saying the competition isn't all that good.

  • #4 for Tuesday...

    What you would expect for the most part.

    Click image for larger version

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      Wow volo, you have slim pickings this week. I like the road teams in all 3 games you are looking at. Maybe carolina to repay the yuccaneers for the loos a couple weeks back. Maybe the packers at home on monday night v lions. I believe I saw a blurb w/you saying miami was going to get off the schneid this week. Honestly I would think about that as the deadskins are a mess and rosen is better than anyone the they might play. Tough sledding, but greatness is not supposed to be easy. Good luck!


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        Looks like GB will be my play.My $ play this week wil be Dolphins but have a problem in Survivor Pool with underdog.
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          Down to 2 teams,Rams or Minny.Rams coming off semi bye week and SF played Monday in emotional game.Rams scored 29 in Seattle on a Thursday night
          and now are at home.DaveT who likes dogs passed on this one.Minnesota is my jinx team but line is still 3.will sleep on it and let you know.


          • Seahawk Rick
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            Trust Thy gut...Or drink a cocktail!

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          Taking Rams and see you for week 7.Also Betting Miami and Cleveland with the points.(Sorry Rick).GL to all.


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            Luck to you MR V and all of us--
            IDK Rick Seattle not playing all that great- I know Clev stunk Monday but they seem to win one lose one -- I would stay away from that and will, but
            I lost my mind pick on chargers last week, and lost my mind in general in 1974-I think it was-----

            I'M on Tenn at Denver. I think it's wise to go against the team that I lost to last week as revenge. I know the guys on the Titans will know and try their hardest for me.
            Gotta go now-- Nurse Kratchet is calling....
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              P.S.--can't take Thurs night in ADAM2 so NE/GMEN is out-- has to be in SAT this week only----


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                ADAM #1 POOL SUMMARY...

                Yes, ladies and gentlemen....MIA has gotten a PICK!!!!!! Owner's son? Who knows...The fish are on the board! And YES, the Deadskins are on the board too! Just like Thunderdome, two teams enter, one team leaves! UNLESS...There is a tie, which would just be perfect.

                NO MISSED DEADLINES!

                Click image for larger version

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                  At this moment in time, I'm going on BALT...DAL...DEN in Adam #2.

                  IF CINN beats BALT, then I just flat out deserve to lose. DAL in bounce back mode will be playing an easier defense at NYJ, and Darnold in first game back will have some rust. DEN has been tough, and lost a two home games by a total of 4-points. Their D is solid, and I feel the offense is getting a 'little' better each week...They aren't gonna put 30 up on the board, but TENN's sucky offense isn't either. Might be a 6-3 game!

                  Still have time to change my mind 35-times before Saturday deadline.
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                  • Seahawk Rick
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                    I flipped off DEN, and onto ATL...I'm going with ATL having more talent, that hasn't really turned into wins, getting on track against the weakest opponent they've face IMHO...Do or die for their season, and coach. ARI pass D sucks even more than ATL's, and Matty should be able to make some hay. We'll see...

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                  The Fantasy Survivor Liz Hurley Pick Of The Week Isssssssss...


                  Lizzzzy was verrrrrry happy that NE got her a win! She got me a couples massage for the effort...I had to sit and watch another couple get massaged was the only downside.

                  I think DAL can get well on offense vs a bad D that NYJ as been playing so far this season. DAL has beaten the weaker teams, and NYJ fits that bill, even with Mono Man back in the saddle.

                  Week 1: BALT (W)
                  Week 2: CAR (L)
                  Week 3: TB (L)

                  Week 4: INDY (L)
                  Week 5: NE (W)
                  Week 6: DAL

                  Click image for larger version

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                    One of the better pictures ---guess she likes posing for you.....

                    Going with Atl also this week in II

                    Luck to all


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                      ADAM #2 POOL SUMMARY...

                      More MIA and WASH love! Even crap teams can make you happy in survivor...IFFFFF they win!

                      Click image for larger version

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