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  • NFL - Yaaaaawn

    Dallas stroked,
    KC toked.
    These were Survivor Contest Killers ysdty.

    This season is now about young QB's having the chance to play.
    Good timing as the NFL has become stale in the QB dept.
    Enough of the Vets. Brady is the real survivor. Rogers too.
    The elders have been okay to date and like the ATP with Federer,
    Nadal and Djoko ( youngest of them ), all the new blood have stepped up
    and making noise. Good for the sport.
    Hopefully we'll see it more in the NFL this year+.

    Without betting on games, how many of the matchups this past weekend were
    ones where you really would have wanted to watch the game?
    My G_d on Sunday night I watched MLB and NHL and maybe glimpsed at a kickoff
    in Pitt / San D.


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    Why does it take so long to train QBs? Ftb is so simple...get single coverage and run just enuf to keepem honest. If they dbl anybody take what they gave up. Not to mention misdirection. I think the coaching is just awful these days...especially when u get D specialists head coaching the O.


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      There are very capable QB's that appear in preseason with conservative game plans and backup line mates. I guess they keep their fingers crossed for their QB/team to do well, else depend on an injury to make their mark. Would think if you have an NCAAF QB Heisman winner there will be hope for the fans and a lucky team.
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        Well get excited for next Thursday night.
        Washington an Minnesota.
        But wait, it gets even better on Monday Night Football for Week 8
        Miami Pittsburgh


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          I call for a record least viewed MNF game of the decade for Pitt/Miami !


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            I’ve always found that when you’re talking games that don’t shine out as worth watching, a bet makes them fun to watch – no matter who’s playing. Plus, you learn things that can make a difference to your wallet down the road. Like last night, I learned that the Denver O-Line care even less about their work than Joe Flacco; that Vic Fangio is completely clueless, and that John Elway is pretty much worthless as a talent evaluator. Stuff you may have already known, but it’s good to reconfirm things like that. But the real point is that, after a disastrous betting week last week, I won on the game, half-time and total last night, and I feel strong ahead of Sunday.


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              Nice wins WJ

              I have learned that lost sleep time can be easily recovered when watching poor teams battle each other.
              Yes you can learn from every game but I sort of swore myself away from betting on bad matchups if they
              happen to be the Thursday, Sunday or Monday night games.
              Really this season there are teams that I can relate to Jai Alai betting.
              You never know if your side is going to have the drive or talent to show up or not.
              Like racehorses that are held back.

              Monday night has something to watch out for thanks to Sam D, else a write off.
              League needs more QB talent.


              • WJCJR
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                "Really this season there are teams that I can relate to Jai Alai betting."
                Funny line.