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WEEK 7 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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  • WEEK 7 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation


    Well, not too many people are chiming into this thread, so not gonna keep spending a bunch of time on it...

    An EFFFFFFING kicker for ARI has a chance to at least go to OT after a great comeback...MISSED PAT! DAL made the JETS look like they can beat NE! Darnold for President! 0-2...BUT, at least BALT saved my sorry ass, and kept me alive in Adam's 2nd chance pool. I'm gonna need a 5th chance pool the way it's going! A good chunk out on DAL and LAC, who is going downhill fast! At the PITT home game that was played in L.A., a 3rd string QB keeps the PITT ship afloat. The Spanos family that took the team out of SD deserves to never be in the playoffs EVER!

    Deadskins get out by the skin of their pads vs MIA.

    SF is for real...KC defense is still dog crap, and defenses are figuring out their offense it seems...LAR has the SB hangover it looks like...CAR is playing some decent ball with the new kid at QB...CAM WHO? DEN might stay in the division race with that defense, and if they can keep getting better on the offensive side of the ball, they could make a little noise going forward...BALT is still a question mark on how good they are...SEA gets a good road win, and CLEVE screws themselves out of a win trying to be cute with the challenge on the possible TD late...NO is holding on without Brees...MINN actually looked like a football team vs PHILLY...

    ON THE RADAR....

    Depending on if you're in a Week 1 pool, or a 2nd chance pool, the options are going to be very different, but here's a look a few games that will get some eyeballs...Bloodshot ones like mine after crying about my picks that got knocked out Sunday!

    MIA @ BUFF...IF you have BUFF, and most of you do, they are one of those teams that should not have an issue with the fish. The BUFF D might shut them out.

    SF @ WASH...As long as SF doesn't think they are already in the SB with their great play so far, they should be able to take WASH down...WASH off their win will be feeling themselves though and be up to challenge the boys from the left coast. SF D will be too much to overcome IMHO.

    NE @ NYJ...Can the JETS upset a 2nd team? NE off the mini-bye, and a pretty good defense will not overlook their division brothers. NE hasn't really beaten anyone of note, and their easy schedule on paper continues, but DAL thought they had an easy one.

    OAK @ GB...Chessits are 7-point favorites, but I'm not over-looking OAK after the INDY and CHI wins. I'm not touching this one.

    ARI @ NYG...I put this one on here for me, as I will be looking hard at using NYG in my survivor rollover bet thing I'm doing. They looked decent vs NE, and they are actually still alive in that crappy NFC East division race...At least they think they are, and that gives them a reason to play hard and beat an ARI team that is playing some semi-decent ball.

    Nothing else I see that stands out as a team to get excited about.

    Throw out your thoughts, and post something to let me know you're out there!!! Volo, Compass, Aztec and TARB drop in, but leave a note to let me know I'm not typing to just a quartet!


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    My map to the money has GB circled for this week, although like you said, Oakland is playing good and coming off of a bye week and GB looked less than stellar last night (probably should have lost). 90% of people remaining have Buffalo left, but looking ahead I also like BUF in week 9 at home against WASH. I have 3 picks left, one in my buddy's pool that is worth 20k, 1 in Adam1 and 1 in Adam2


    • Seahawk Rick
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      Go with thy gut as always...It's not such an easy week after you get past the BUFF game. I'm thinking NYG for the rollover deal I'm doing...Looking for ML lines that aren't -800! I think I might just take them in Adam #2 also...
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    My LAR knocked me out of Adam 1 but alive in a 2000$ pool with 12 others.Will post my play and offer some opinions.


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      I am alive with one entry in a 50K winner take all pool offshore. 1241 left out of 7269 going into week 7. I have used up Ravens, Pats, Cowboys, Chargers, Eagles, and Seahawks. Going with Bills this week. probably fade fish again next week against pittsburgh, but if not will consider Vikings. it gets harder and harder each week for sure, thanks for the writeup!


      • Seahawk Rick
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        Great job flora! Keep it going!! Hard to go against BUFF...That D is good...Their offense will get a little better each week, but the D is what will keep them relevant for the playoff hunt. Keep posting, and let us know how it goes week-to-week!

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      Enjoy the recap and weekly write-up's SR. My philiosophy has always been "make to the next week". Every time I lay out a plan about holding out and waiting to play a team, I get eliminated. So, while I appreciate and respect looking ahead and planning, I gotta live to see next week. Plus, the big pool I play in locks a team out from playing them again for 6 weeks, so it is a little different than a "one time and done" mindset. We started with 140 players, and we are down to 30, so I reckon it is not easy no matter the rules.


      • Seahawk Rick
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        Yes phatman...You know how I love maps! LOL! I didn't map my way out of my picks that lost for me this year, but really wanted to stay off the big favorites, which ended up hurting me in the end. I think IFF you have multiple entries, 'maybe' map out one if you are so inclined, but like you say, you just gotta get to the next week anyway you can. I think once you get down to really low numbers like your pool, or make it to December in pools with bigger numbers of players left, you can then look at what you have left, and pencil out map. It's amazing how many teams you wouldn't have thought of using in Week 1 become decent options late in the season.

        When pools get down to low numbers, the trend towards the big popular picks grows as players are looking for the 'safe' play. I for one say it shouldn't be a steady diet of the big favorites each week, as when one goes down, there will be a lot of crying! LOL!

        You've gotten this far, do what your gut says to do. Interesting format with the 6-week play again rule. Nice twist!

        Let us know how it goes each week, and win some dough!!!!!!

      • phatman15
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        I should have qualified my definition of a big pool is not based on number of entries, but it costs $200 per player, so it more costly than most I have participated in.

    • #6 Summary...

      Ohhhhhh Myyyyyyy...The day has finally come where BUFF is the biggest favorite on the board!!!!! About as big as you can get!

      Click image for larger version

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        In the million dollar pool, 27% went out last week, and it's down to about 19% of the players left. They don't get to the double team picking until Week 12 depending on how many players are left each week starting then.


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          Came upon this injury update...I like NYG even more with Saquon Barkley and TE Ingram should both be in the game.


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            In my small pool I took Buffalo and wait till next week.It started with 99 and down to 12.GL to all.


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              I said it in the beginning that Miami can go winless and play aginst them every week so you only have to fill in 4 weeks with the bye and 2nd time vs. Divison. Since the start of the season Miami trades mincah Fitzpatrick and larry Tumsil and Kenny Stills.

              I had Washington last week and survived. Last week was miami week to win and they didnt do it.

              Why would anyone take a different game? Because they arel looking ahead and hoping miaimi pulls off an upset.

              This Miami team is God Awful. They will go winless in my opinion, they are worse than the 0 and 16 browns of a few years ago. I think they would loose to Bama or Clemson.

              I can see Buffalo winning 45-0 here. Ill be riding this to week 11 when i cant play against them because of 2nd division game.....

              Best of luck to everyone this week!


              • Seahawk Rick
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                A guy in San Diego has been running a pool for 12+ years that I've been in for 9, and cashed in on once for 5-figures...I've spent that much trying to do it again! LOL!

                It's a $100 buy-in, and he runs a 2nd chance pool as you can see below. IF you want to get in next year, I can send you info on it, and his email.

                Several on this thread are in it...ORRR at least were in it!

              • JIMMYJAM4508
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                Ok Cool, Ya I will join in next year.....

              • Seahawk Rick
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                PM me an email address and I'll forward you his information so you get on his email list next year.

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              ADAM 1 & 2 SUMMARIES...

              BUFF is the word!!! SF in 2nd place...And MY Giants get some love from some brave pickers! Compass Rose GUARANTEED me they would win!!!

              ADAM 1 ADAM 2
              Click image for larger version  Name:	adam1w7.JPG Views:	1 Size:	21.9 KB ID:	9856 Click image for larger version  Name:	adam2w7.JPG Views:	1 Size:	20.6 KB ID:	9857
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                Well, my comment about DEN being able to make a little noise going forward if the offense gets a little better is now at the bottom of an outhouse! KC has more sacks on DEN, then DEN has points as I write this in the 4th quarter...Ugggggggly. KC D looked like the Steel Curtain against that diaper fire of an offense.


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                  One thought on not picking Bills this week is when they play again week11, if still alive in your pool you can take Bills that week while most will have used them this week. Or they could be used week 9 at home vs. Washington.


                  • Seahawk Rick
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                    Making it it to week 9 or 11 is the tough part!

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                  luck to you on the GMEN

                  i like them this week too v but I liked
                  germany in WWII and the South in that other war...


                  • Seahawk Rick
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                    You're due for a winner then!

                    Didn't you have a ML bet on Custer?

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                  The Fantasy Survivor Liz Hurley Pick Of The Week Isssssssss...


                  As in I'd like to see Lizzy in the buff!

                  She's ready to blow her top with my picks this season...Usually I'm making her very happy with them...That is if she even knew I was making them on her behalf...I'll keep trying to tell her all about it on the notes I throw throw through her windows...I need to send her some dough to fix the windows...

                  BUFF is the king of the week, and if their D comes to play, they can win if they score 10.

                  Week 1: BALT (W)
                  Week 2: CAR (L)
                  Week 3: TB (L)

                  Week 4: INDY (L)
                  Week 5: NE (W)
                  Week 6: DAL (L)
                  Week 7: BUFF

                  Click image for larger version

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