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Survivor Rollover 2019 Week 7

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  • Survivor Rollover 2019 Week 7

    Got a 'W' with BALT as I didn't like many teams with lower ML odds...I will take another $100 out, and then have the seed money I started with back in my pocket for when that day comes I have to start over!

    Looking at NYG of all teams this week as of now...I liked the way they played vs. NE, and Danny Two-Nickels will learn from his throwing mistakes in that game. ARI is a plucky bunch, but G-Men at home will be motivated...We'll see...Will look at other options too.

    Ended up on NYG...Yeah, all my money on a 2-4 team...That is only one game out of the division lead! LOL. I like that Barkley is back along with TE Engram...Gives Danny Boy a little more help on offense, and if the defense can play the game they did vs. NE, I think they win a close one. Compass Rose said they would win!!! LOL!

    For those seeing this thread for the first time, last year some of use put a bets on NFL teams on money line bets each week, and rolled it over if we won. Some people split the money after they won a few games and put it on two teams, and we ALL ended up not rolling through the whole season! Imagine that! The idea is like it's a survivor type of exercise, and if you keep rolling a starting bet of $100 (whatever) bet over and over on teams that aren't super-duper favorites, teams in the -100 something lines into the -300's. You can make a nice chunk of change if you can last a while. You get to take any team you want, and not just once like real survivor pools.

    Never too late to start!

    Week 1

    CHI (-170) -- $100 -- Payout is $60 LOSS
    KC (-175) -- $100 -- Payout is $57 WIN

    Week 2

    DAL (-281) -- $157 -- Payout is $56 WIN

    Week 3

    LAR (-170 ) -- $213 -- Payout is $125 WIN

    Week 4

    SEA (-243) -- $338 -- Payout is $139 WIN

    Week 5

    (-225) -- $477 -- Payout is $212

    Week 6 ----- ( I took $100 out of Week 5 winnings )

    BALT (-500) -- $589 -- Payout is $118

    Week 7 ----- ( I took another $100 out, and now have my seed money back for both my starting wagers )

    ( -155 ) -- $607 -- Payout is $392
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