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That's my story & I'm stickin' to it...

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  • That's my story & I'm stickin' to it...

    It's been a few years since I've been here but it is GREAT to be back..I became a 'care giver' for my step mom due to Alzheimer's & she is now in a better place. My efforts are mostly w/ horses... I only have to wait 1--2 minutes for results. I do wager a few games & I trully appreciate the handicapping here. Dave, I remember when you were the west coast DRF handicapper!! With the proliferation of 'computer betting', I have to be VERY selective. ex...I play a horse @ 4/1 or maybe 6/1... gates open, my horse is now 9/5 or 8/5. Enough already!!! Back to sports betting...