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2019 NFL P.O.W. Week #8 (OCT 24-28) Post Plays Here

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  • JIMMYJAM4508
    NFL POW (5-2)

    Miami + 14 Westgate

    I forgot to post so I am stuck with this game which I would never play.......

    Only info I got here is
    Over the past 25 seasons, teams with 0-3 or worse records are 12-4 ATS in Monday games
    and Miami has played better its last 6 quarters with Fitzmagic under center............

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  • JPdawg
    NFL POW (5-2-0)

    KC +5.5 (MGM Mirage)

    Agree with Mr. Volo above who stated that he thinks the line moved way to much (now 9.5 pts) after Mahomes declared out. I've had some success backing the "missing man" angle where teammates play above their normal standard and abilities when faced with going to battle without their superstar. Green Bay far from a stellar performer in Primetime road games, having won only 7 of last 22. GB has covered only 5 of last 17 the week following an ATS win. KC has covered 8 of last 11 after beating a division rival and covered 11 of last 15 after a win by 10+ points.

    Note that I am posting this over an hour BEFORE kickoff. (Or as nealwe likes to call it: "posting way after the game started and probably ended") LMEAO.

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  • chamoinla
    NFL POW 3-4

    Raiders + 6.5 (cg technology)

    In a matchup between two of the NFL's most unpredictable teams, let's go with the Raiders winning a wild, high-scoring affair on the road in Houston or at the very least covering the spread. While Deshaun Watson should have a field day against Oakland's 31st ranked pass defense, Derek Carr should have similar success against Houston's 29th ranked secondary. The difference in this game could be Oakland's fifth ranked run defense as well as their sixth ranked rushing attack, led by rookie sensation Josh Jacobs.

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  • IceTea 2
    NFL P.O.W. ( 3-3-1 YTD)

    New England -10 (Crica Sports)

    I was tried of picking "Bad" team but I Did want to pick either TB,LAC, Philly , NYJ, even Mr. Cotton's Falcons when I saw overnight +8.5
    But when I overslept and only had 10 minutes to post. So I decided to wait and take the Pats at -10

    I believe the reason for the Pats line drop is that Edelman is Questionable to play. But does that really matter when you're the Pats ?? They always find a way
    and I have no trust in the Browns ( the most Overhyped team in the NFL )

    Throw in the fact that the Cleveland Browns are 1-4 the last 5 season After a Bye, they are playing the BEST team in the NFL
    Bill belichick's Defense vs. Mayfield Anyday.

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  • Dukowski
    ne -10.5 Mgm
    Ne is just crushing everyone. This defense is running on all cylinders and I was never that impressed with the Browns. I don’t see them challenging Ne today.

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  • J.herb
    NFL POW 5-2-0
    Arizona +12.5 bet MGM

    Taking the points in this spot.Drew is back and I expect he will play Just a few possessions , Saints may play this game a little close to the vest. Take my chances with the cards and the points

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  • SmartMoney
    NFL P.O.W. (2-2-0 YTD)

    Bucs +2 (MGM)

    With the Bucs averaging 28 pts a game this and the Titans offense sputtering, I am going to take the team with the better offensive ceiling here. The Titans were lucky to scrape a win out last week against the self-destructive Chargers, so I am going with a re-balancing of the "luck" factor and here and back a hungry bucs team coming off the bye.
    Last edited by SmartMoney; 10-27-2019, 09:30 AM.

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  • Aztec10
    POW YTD (5-2-0)

    Total OVER 40 jets @ sacksonville Westgate 9:15am PDT

    Spitting into the wind here taking a total w/2 teams that struggle to score. Jets coming off of a 33-0 whitewash last Monday night, and sacksonville 1 of the worst red zone teams I have watched so far this season. Taking a contrarian approach that a game w/o weather will produce a more entertaining game then popular opinion sees it. Darnold can't possibly have a qb rating < 5 2 weeks in a row can he? No Mosely for jets D today opens up more run lanes and outlet passes for fournette this afternoon. Don't much care for Gase as a play caller/head coach, but come on man, let it rip today. Jax is not the pats D, they can be attacked down the field. Minshew pretty nifty moving in the pocket, chark and westbrooke should see plenty of opportunities to make plays today. Ah,who am I kidding, just taking an approach that the Jets won't get shutout for a 2nd consecutive week. How about 27-23 Jags.

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  • Xavier Rob
    NFL P.O.W. (3-4-0 YTD)

    New England -10 (Crica Sports)

    Pats are best team in the league and nobody has been close. 1 game within 10 points and now facing an underachieving Cleveland team with a first year coach. Belichick will run circles around Kitchens. Historically tough defense will wreak havoc with Mayfield, who's throwing a lot of INT's already this year. Can't see the being under 2 scores.

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  • HeyRube!
    POW (3-3) no pick last week
    -5 Westgate
    Missed a pick last week which is all the better after 3 straight losses. Getting cute and trying to pick dogs to bark wasn't working for me so Im going back to what worked for me in September. chalkchalkchalk.
    Its pretty simple. The Colts are building something. They took down the Colts in primetime and that D looks impressive. The donkeys looked simply PITIFUL at HOME on a national thursday stage. Colts roll in this one. Better Coach. Better QB. Better D. Colts roll 31-9. Keepin in simple the rest of the year.
    stackin doublyas for the remainder of the season.
    Good luck to all

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  • 2hollywood2
    2019 NFL P.O.W. (4-3-0)

    CAROLINA PANTHERS +5 (William Hill)

    Kyle Allen might be good. Christian McCaffrey is definitely good. And San Francisco is over valued. This is the spot that Carolina can win outright. The Niners have been solid but we haven't sen them face adversity yet. Kyle Allen will take care of the football and sustain long drives. In the event CAR get up by a score or two their defense can make things uncomfortable for Jimmy G - at least in the fact we haven't see that out of this Niners team yet. The spot just feels like CAR is a live dog and a FG game either way.

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  • Buckeyefan80
    commented on 's reply
    Just a typo heads up cap Carolina is +5 for grading purposes.

  • Taketheredeye
    POW 7-0
    Chicago -3.5 (MGM)

    Bears defense can get back on track today. LAC are not on the same level as the Saints. up front, expect the Chicago D line to dominate the LAC O line causing a couple of turnovers. The Bears offence may have a couple of short fields to deal with and be able to put up enough points to cover the number. In fact the Defense may be able to cover themselves.


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  • mcgrath
    NFL POW 6-1

    JETS + 7. (Wynn)

    Sam Darnold and the Jets were embarrassed on national TV last Monday 33-0. I like them to bounce back in this spot. I think the line reflects what the public saw 6 days ago, forgetting perhaps that this is the same team that upset Dallas the game before last. The Jags leave for London after this game to face divisional rival Houston, creating a nice spot for the Jets, who should have only this game on their mind. Decent chance for the TD dog to win outright.

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  • Zjabroni
    2019 NFL P.O.W. (3-4 YTD)

    Green Bay Packers -5(MGM)

    No mahomes, no eric Fisher, no chris jones, no frank clark, no kendall fuller, and just so you hear it again.... NO MAHOMES!!! dont over think this one. Its a gift. Packers easy

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