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WEEK 8 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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  • WEEK 8 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

    Bye, bye Miss American Pie...

    Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was full of really stupid picks that I made this survivor season!!!! Don't even ask me why I was on NYG, and not SF or LAR whom I had on my radar...I might was well use the George Washington's for toilet paper...Don't feel sorry for me, I'm my own worst enemy, and I do a damn good job of it!!!!

    My job now is to help get some of you lads to the money pot in your pools!!!!

    None of the popular picks had much trouble in the end even though MIA was hanging around for awhile, until they remembered they were MIA and started effing up like crazy! SF in the WASH swamp did just enough for their win...NO is as impressive as can be with what they are doing without Brees with a thumping of the DA Bears...DAL bounces back and throttles PHILLY, as they helped DAL with some TO's to get them out to an early lead...BALT took one from SEA, as SEA had two TO's that were both scores...Lamar Jackson is an effing freak! If you haven't seen him play a whole game, watch him...Michael Vick on Crack!...NE is jumping on NYJ as I write this on Monday night...GB and Rodgers show they are getting their act together on offense and gonna build momentum in a dog fight with MINN the 2nd half of the season...LAR boat-raced ATL that will be needing a new coach as soon as their bye comes around...All and all no big damage to pools, just brain damage by some of the pickers that thought NYG actually was any good...Compass said he'd buy me a LARGE bottle of Jack if they lost...I just have to go to NY to pick it up!!! Compass, just hit me in the head with it!


    WASH @ MINN...Looks like a free bingo square as MINN looks to have turned the corner, and Cousins is looking like he's earning his paychecks lately. MINN very tough in the green house, but lost to BUFF last year when they were a big favorite...I think that will get brought up a few times this week.

    NYG @ DET...I have seen NOTHING out of NYG outside the comeback vs TB to warrant any consideration vs the Kitties. The Kitties are playing some good ball, but not great, BUT it should be enough to get a W against Danny One-Cent and that crap defense.

    ARI @ NO...NO defense is doing a number on teams, and ARI only beat a crap defense by one TD last weekend. Not sure if ARI flew home, and then flying out again, but it's an early body clock game again, but the opponent is much tougher this weekend. NO is the best in the NFC right now without Brees and GB on their heels. Lot's of competition in the NFC though, so they gotta keep the foot on the gas.

    CINN @ LAR...CINN doesn't offer up much more than ATL did, so if LAR and their new defensive toy Jalen Ramsey come to play, they will make a long day for the Bungles.

    MIA @ PITT...MIA on the road again vs a spunky PITT team that is still fighting even though they have a turnstile at QB.

    CLEVE @ NE...NE D has been doing a nice job this season against a weak schedule. I think CLEVE might give them a game for a bit coming off their BYE. Just a matter of if the little guy at QB can make things happen with his legs to give the Pats some trouble.

    DEN @ INDY...DEN was horrible vs KC, and INDY is showing they are a good team, and gonna keep playing well this season. Hard to see how Flacko the statue will handle it all as INDY should be bringing the blitz to take advantage of his turtle like escapability.

    CAR @ SF...SF a 6-point favorite based off their 6-0 record, but CAR is doing good stuff with Cam on the bench where he belongs. I think they'll give them a game. The SF win vs LAR was the kind of effort they'll need to get the W...McCaffrey is impressive so SF will try to stop him and see if the guy with two first names, Kyle Allen can keep his streak alive.

    OAK at HOU...OAK on the road once again vs a team not as good as GB, and if butter-fingers CARR can not fumble balls through the endzone (Stupidest rule ever!), maybe they stay in this one, but HOU is no slouch.

    NYJ @ JAX...I love Minshew the Ginzu a lot, and NYJ had one good effort this season vs DAL, but I think JAX has enough on their side of the ledger to grab a W if you are looking to stay off the bigger favorites.

    SEA @ ATL...SEA won't be facing anything close to Lamar Jackson this week as Matty Ice has a bum ankle so Matt Schuab should be at the helm. SEA won't be giving up to TO's for scores this week, and should get through the ATL crap sandwich D with their 5th ranked offense and good run/pass mix they have going. Coach Quinn is welcome back as the DC for SEA when he's fired soon.

    LAC @ CHI...These are both jinx teams for me, so they would tie if I was on one of them! This is the kind of game LAC will probably win because nobody, including themselves thinks they can do it! Weird, weird loss to TENN on those goal line stops...I think the football God's might take pity on them, but their ownership deserves NOTHING for taking them out of SD, so off with their heads!

    OK...Throw out your thoughts and any news you hear about to help everyone find some winners to get you guys to Week 9!!!


    Time for me to go crawl into a ball and suck on a bottle of Fireball...
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    Still 12 left in my2000$ pool and I will ride against Miami for now so On Steelers.


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      1,180 still alive in my 50K winner take all pool going into week 8. Went with Buffalo last week with a bit of a struggle, but in the end the Fish got filleted again. This week fading the horrendous Bengals. Rams are invigorated with the return of Ramsey, Gurley back and maybe getting healthy, and DT Aaron Donald is going to feast on the Bengals woeful offensive line. I hate laying the points but i could see blowout by Rams so might bet this one ATS also.


      • Seahawk Rick
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        Seems like a solid pick...Good luck!!!!!

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      MINN is the fan favorite this week with PITT getting a nice slice of love from the players along with LAR in LONDON vs. CINN rounding out the top 3.

      Click image for larger version

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        MINN tops the charts as we knew they would, along with PITT and LAR...Missed Deadline gets picked too! D'oh!

        ADAM 1 ADAM 2
        Click image for larger version  Name:	adam1w8.JPG Views:	1 Size:	19.2 KB ID:	10057 Click image for larger version  Name:	adam2w8.JPG Views:	1 Size:	23.1 KB ID:	10058
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        • mtheller
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          I went with Minny in A1 and Pitt in A2. Also had Minny in the other pool I'm in

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        The Fantasy Survivor Liz Hurley Pick Of The Week Isssssssss...


        I got back in her good graces for at least a week, unless the whole peeping tom thing turned her off to me for the time-being...I was just up on the ladder outside her bedroom window because I thought her cat was on the roof...Honest Officer!

        LAR is a good team...CINN is not. I don't think a trip to London helps CINN find the magic potion for winning, but if LAR drops their guard, CINN might score 17...Not enough.

        Week 1: BALT (W)
        Week 2: CAR (L)
        Week 3: TB (L)

        Week 4: INDY (L)
        Week 5: NE (W)
        Week 6: DAL (L)
        Week 7: BUFF
        Week 8: LAMBS

        She'll wear this when we go out to dinner...Or the cat suit I mailed to her...Either one is fine by me! Just gotta figure out the whole getting her out to dinner with me part. Details, details...

        Click image for larger version

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