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2019 Developing Trends & some early week 8 Plays

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  • JIMMYJAM4508
    Sure Thing.....I see many plays already in the POW on New England. After Mon night the line went from 10.5 to 13. Lets remember New England has been great this year especially their Defenese,
    but the record of the teams they played is 13- 35. I think this line is much inflated & Cleveland is off a bye. Cleveland goes back to the basics and Chubb has a big day. I think this is a much closer game than most people and Clevelands 2 Wins this year are on the road off a loss............

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  • Coachv29
    Thanks for your work.....good luck

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  • Senator L
    Great info Jimmy Thanks!

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  • JIMMYJAM4508
    started a topic 2019 Developing Trends & some early week 8 Plays

    2019 Developing Trends & some early week 8 Plays

    Here are some Trends I been tracking So far in 2019:

    Good Teams(This excludes Miami & Jets(Falk at QB) Heading into their Bye week are 10-2 ATS:
    Week 8 teams are Falcons, Saints, (Bengals & Rams Vs. Each other in London); Saints would be my only recommended play as Falcons are a terrible team and Rams/Bengals Play each other

    All Teams off Mini Bye(Thursday Night Football) are 9-3 ATS:
    Week 8 Is KC(without Mahmes & Denver)
    I would lay off these 2 games

    Teams after the bye are 4-4 ATS But Quality Teams are 3-0 ATS
    Pitts -14 against Miami, Carolina + 5.5, TB + 2.5, Cleveland + 13
    I would play all these games except Pitt as I dont lat double digits Ever

    2019: Play on any team that gets shutout in its previous game & play against any team that shutout its opponent in previous game; so far 2-0 ATS this season(Excludes Miami/NE Game as Miami wasnt ready to Play in Septmber)
    Week 8 Plays- Washington + 16.5, Carolina + 5.5, Cleveland + 13, Jets + 5.5

    In summary the plays I would recomend playing are:
    Carolina(fit 2 models above, Strong Play)
    Tampa Bay
    Cleveland(fit 2 models above, Strong Play)
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