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  • The Republican Party

    The only way that the Republican Party can find its way back to sanity is if it has to face massive defeats in the 2022 election. So, vote to defeat any Republican running for election who shows even the slightest support for Donald Trump. Trump wants to be a dictator, he does not believe in democracy. The Republican Party has lost its way.

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    i agree


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      Maybe the problem is most are tranced on being on a side? My opinion they all suck and steal from ya,really doesn’t matter
      trump or this dude that’s in there now is irrelevant,there all on the same team while the peasants fight between each other and claim the other side is crazy.
      Have fun with all that,I’d rather spend my time doing more exciting things like gambling and vacations 😀


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        i think a lot of liberals moving to texas/austin there is some crazy world that biden has not helped them so they may turn to republicans when they start to turn to business and making a buck


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          bottom line --are "you" better off now than 2 years ago??


          • steviev
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            Absolutely better off