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  • DeSantis

    Ron DeSantis would be a more viable candidate for the Presidency if he had lost the election to be the Florida Governor. Now that he is running the State of Florida everybody can see what an asshole he is. Going after Disney, the top employer in the state, just makes him an absolute jerk. Enacting the most restrictive abortion law in the USA will cost him the women vote across the country. He is just as unfit to be President as Donald Trump is. When will the Republican Party come up with a decent candidate? Will it take as long as twenty years or so?

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    Obama, racism, the Koch brothers and Tea Party success in the 2010 midterms caused the Republican Party to pivot away from their traditional base – upper income and white collar – toward a populist base such as supported Trump as well as DeSantis. IMO it will take a generation or two for that to change, if it will at all. Remember how well Trump did, in terms of the popular vote in 2020. That’s a lot of MAGAs, my friend; and that fact’s not lost on the billionaires who run things, and the politicians who pander to them. So – bottom line – I don’t see the GOP changing anytime soon, at least not in our lifetimes.


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      Disney is pulling out of a 1 billion dollar project in Florida due to DeSantis.